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more pregnancy tests what do i need after positive result

more pregnancy tests what do i need after positive result? Well 3 positive home pregnancy tests reveal a positive result, now what? is there a reason for more tests in pregnancy ? or do you ignore advice and never see a doctor or midwife throughout the rest of your pregnancy? Lets take a look at what other tests may be …Continue reading →

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Yeah I’m Pregnant Or Am I No morning sickness!

Hi Cheeky Chums Can I ask a question? I have just had 2 positive pregnancy tests and no morning sickness yet am I really pregnant. What you have to understand is urine pregnancies occasionally do not show up a positive pregnancy.A blood test can confirm it A urine pregnancy test that you buy off the chemist can show a positive …Continue reading →

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Pregnancy week at Cheeky Chums

As one lady gives birth another one anounces she is pregnant this weeks coming blog posts looks at pregnancy from unusual cravings, mums advice to problems only associated by being pregnant. we welcome your views so if this is your 1st baby or 15th add a comment to inspire and encourage other mums. Tomorrow we take a look at the …Continue reading →

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