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Home yippee rasing premature baby multiple babies

  Home yippee raising premature baby multiple babies. What next After the initial shock of having a scan in pregnancy revealing more than triplet babies. The chances are they may spend some time in the Nicu at birth as often multiple babies can be born premature. Sometimes babies may not be allowed home on the same day depending what needs they …Continue reading →

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Premature birth Premature baby risk pregnant with twins.

Premature Baby Risks when carrying multiples   Premature Baby Risks when carrying multiples. With more and more mums opting for IVF these days as a last resort to get pregnant the more babies that are implanted the risks increases of carrying multiples. 2 or more babies brings its own problems which can result in a Premature baby risk when carrying multiples. …Continue reading →

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Multiple pregnancy quads! baby product planning

This weeks blog posts feature multiple pregancies. Today we look at planning the baby products you need for quad babies. So you are pregnant with quads and half way through your pregnancy you are confined to bedrest. You havent started shopping so what can you do? You want to be involved with picking things out for the babies but if …Continue reading →

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who's pregnant with twins celebrity star

This weeks blog topic looks at multiple pregnancy and what a day to announce the pregnant celebrity we shall be following next is Celine Dion. She anounced in May this year that she is pregnant with twins and the latest news hot off the press is that she will  bring a family of twin boys home along with her 9 year …Continue reading →

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Discussing a multiple pregnancy via ivf

I thought after the recent news events about the mother who gave birth to 8 live babies by IVF.I would discuss some factors you may wish to concider before attempting a cycle of IVF. see the link below for a picture of the mum “suleman” pregnant with 8 babies before she actually gave birth premature to all 8 babies. You …Continue reading →

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