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5 Top reasons for having a baby getting pregnant babies galore

getting Pregnant want a baby now ? 5 top reasons for wanting babies often a friend may comment to you when are you going  to get pregnant and start having babies ? or you may feel to reply back saying when I’m ready ,so what are the top reasons for getting pregnant and having a baby or even  more? here are …Continue reading →

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Get real,think, concider the real reason for having a baby

Get real, consider the real reason for having a baby. Today we are going to look at having a baby outside the norm.In a marriage or long term partnership a happy couple will have a baby to cement their love, and pass on the biological genes down the family line. Here’s is a look and a question to consider for …Continue reading →

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A 5 top tips for a healthy start pregnancy to birth for 2012

Do you plan a pregnancy for this coming year then here are 5 tips A healthy start to pre-pregnancy to birth for 2012. if you and your partner plan to have a baby this year have you thought it through are you healthy enough? What can you do to improve your lifestyle for the sake of you and your baby …Continue reading →

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Pregnancy,Birth yippee at last I’m pregnant!

Pregnancy,Birth yippee at last I’m pregnant! If pregnancy seemed to take forever and a day wow to be told its a possitive pregnancy test, you will so filled with joy and want to tell your mum, best friend and all the family once you have passed the 3 months (first trimester} so where do you look online to see what …Continue reading →

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shall I get pregnant ? Im 19,Pregnant to keep my man

We advice one troubled teen on the thoughts of getting pregnant in order to keep her boyfriend. “My name is melissa I am 19 my parents are always fighting and my boyfriend has started to text my best friend when he is at work, I’m thinking of getting pregnant I know I would be going behind is back if i …Continue reading →

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Praise as new support group for families of premature babies is launched…

About 2 weeks ago from Cheeky Chums's Twitter via Twitter Web Client