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early baby survival rate premature babies 22-24 weeks

premature baby born early what is the survival rate for these premature babies? early baby survival rate premature babies born at 22-24 weeks did you know 60,000 babies are born premature each year in the uk alone. A few years ago my cousin was born early at 23 weeks and it was a struggle to get a relative to follow …Continue reading →

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can babies early get sore bum Premature baby

can babies born early get sore bum Premature baby Dear Cheeky Chums my premature baby was born early can babies really get a sore bum so soon after has just started to break skin what can I do the wipes seem soft enough to the touch. yes even premature babies can get a sore bum do not use baby …Continue reading →

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Not just for tiny premature babies

I¬†thought we would share some good news with you, that made us beam a smile of joy. If you have a tiny baby newborn clothes are way too big. You may want to keep a set as a keepsake as one family did for their little boy now age 9. He had a favourite toy which wore is own tiny …Continue reading →

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Buzzy Buzzy Bees for Premature babies

Well for those of you who follow our blog posts you’ll notice less blog posts quite recently. That’s because we have been so buzy here at Cheeky Chums online(* the online superstore that caters just in premature baby clothes). there has been hardly any time left to catch up with daily blogs. But its all good news for mum needing …Continue reading →

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Parents of Premature babies why choice is good for YOU !

Quote from a parent of a premature baby cared for in the special care baby unit. No one can prepare if you are faced with your baby being whisked away straight after birth and put into an incubator.All the desicions you make as a new mum are taken from you. The first feeds, first cuddles,changing a nappy,everything stiped bare except …Continue reading →

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