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could i be pregnant

Pregnancy signs and symptoms am I pregnant hints!

Pregnancy signs and symptoms pregnant hints! This month we are covering pregnancy, tests,high risk pregnancy and complications. Today we look at Signs and symptoms that give more than just a hint that you could be pregnant.If you suspect a pregnancy always consult your doctor for further confirmation and regular antenatal visits to keep a check on you and the baby.Ah …Continue reading →

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Pregnant me having a baby you must be joking !

Pregnant me having a baby you must be joking ! Imagine being told you are pregnant after 10 years of trying for a baby. My friend I work with just found out she is pregnant but she is already 6 monthsShe said her periods were always irregular but wouldn’t you know by 6 months that you have a baby inside …Continue reading →

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It’s not just cruel to separate a breastfeeding baby from a mom. It’s medically dangerous.…

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