worried mum premature baby SCBU what does a Nicu nurse do

worried mum premature baby SCBU what does a Nicu nurse do? depending on the level of care needed for your baby in special care determines how much of a role the nicu nurse will do. in your absence they will care for baby more but as a parent you can do babys basic care needs […]

Babies in SCBU should friends visit a premature baby

Babies in SCBU should friends visit your premature baby the answer is No ,partly due to infection control and keeping germs from babies  plus hospitals are strict for visiting sick babies and premature infants  immediately family only.no family member will even be allowed onto the SCBU ward if mum or dad isn’t there (if the […]

My wife won’t let me help with our premature baby

Dear Cheeky Chums Im worried as my wife won’t let me become more involved with our premature baby? he is now in the SCBU ready for home this week and she has become overprotective making me scrub my hands all the time keeping the house clean at home and avoids me when I say ill […]

For the sake of a premature baby ditch the planned induction

premature baby Joshua delivered at 37 weeks Too posh to push? do not want to go full term? planning an induction because you do not want to have a tear by a vaginal birth. Think of the premature baby and ditch it unless of an emergency or complication with your own body. here are 5 […]