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premature baby development delays

Here are our top 6 tips to help you encourage your baby in his or her all round development without the need to buy specialist equipment. If your baby was born premature or tiny remember developmental progress can be delayed depending on how preterm they were for instance 6 weeks premature, 6 weeks delayed progress, 10 weeks born premature then …Continue reading →

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when can a baby talk, baby making first sounds

Today we carry on with baby development 6-12months. Looking at Speech Language and communication in babies 6-12m. Baby can squeal in delight, giggle and scream in annoyance.can tolerate strangers but becoming more aware fom 7 months.ohhss ahhs increase these are the first sounds with a variety  increasing from now onwards from baba ba to dadadad up  to 12 months. Baby enjoys games with parents …Continue reading →

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baby development 6-12m go on baby you can do it, milestones

As we have just finished looking at premature baby development and making a head start we thought we would carry on with the series looking at what your baby can be doing should be doing and will be doing from 6 months of age onwards tomorrow we look at the physical development of babies between 6-12 months and what you …Continue reading →

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It’s not just cruel to separate a breastfeeding baby from a mom. It’s medically dangerous.…

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