sudden infant death syndrome cot death baby loss

sudden infant death syndrome cot death baby loss. Can an infant baby die within the first year of life? answer yes on rare occasions. What is sudden infant death syndrome? an unexplained baby death within the first year of life ,after a detailed autopsy no cause could be determined. infants are at the highest risk […]

We will remember our baby loss mark my word!

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October. This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now. The title may seem harsh but for some families who have experienced a baby loss […]

A snuggle with mummy a nap, 1 dead Baby

After updating our twitter accounts this evenings with the most upto date baby news I felt it important to highlight a message that has been spread worldwide tonight. The importance of not sleeping with your newborn baby. Advice from health professionals changes all the time  such as not to feed your baby solids until 4 […]

Eastenders newborn baby death hits home

Eastenders newborn baby death is to be featured on New Years eve. The sensitive story line has been fully researched to bring to light the tragic loss of a newborn baby.Foundation for the Study of Infant Death to made sure the cast were fully informed to make sure the risk factors , bereavement and the involvement […]

early baby death 2 mums wise words

This week is a look at the sad area of life… Baby bereavement. If this is too painful to read please press your back button now.Cheeky Chums interviewed 2 mums who in the last few months lost a baby before they reached full term. Mandy gave this advice to parents having to cope with the […]