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18 kids and counting

Catching up to the Duggers family

You may have heard about the Dugger family who had a another baby making the count to a total of 19 kids and counting.In the popular TV programme which follows this family’s progress you may have come across some christian friends of theirs known as The Bates.The Bates have now got  a total of 18 kids and counting just one behind …Continue reading →

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new baby worry for preemie baby Josie Dugger

 a new worry involving baby josie dugger emerged today. 19 kids and counting parents Michelle and Jim Bob Dugger had to deal with. A new problem affecting baby Josie. Preemie baby joise Dugger at home had to be taken back to hospital.The problem with the baby arose due to additives in the breast milk she was receiving leading to constipation. …Continue reading →

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yeah ! dugger baby 19 preemie baby josie allowed home

The news it out at last, long awaited there is hope mums and dads preemie baby Josie Dugger born in december weighing 1lb 6oz has been released from hospital. Baby Josie Dugger now weighing 4lb 9 oz is to spend some time in Little Rock before going back to the family home in Springdale.She had a rough first few months …Continue reading →

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kiddies take a sneak peak preemie baby josie dugger

We have been following the progress of Michelle Dugger and 18 kids and counting tv series.Then out popped baby Josie, number 19, born premature at 1lb 6 oz. If you love to read news about the Dugger family take a look at this recent picture we found of her and on how the Dugger children get to see their baby …Continue reading →

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baby josie dugger in nicu now 2.3lb oz first pics HERE

We are been following the progress and waiting patiently for the first pictures of premature baby Josie in the nicu.Wow is now 7 weeks old and gaining weight she has doubled her birth weight in only a shot time.She is off a ventilator now so mum michelle has had a chance to give her first cuddles known as kangaroo care, …Continue reading →

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