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Spring 2013 Premature baby clothing tiny babies get trendy


Spring 2013 Premature baby clothing tiny babies get trendy

stripes are in,  Spring the latest season of premature baby clothing has started to arrive at Cheeky Chums the online superstore exclusive  for tiny babies wear.

All tiny sizes made for delicate skin in  soft cotton fabrics.clothes in trendy colours  for easy access incubator clothing eeny meey oh so tiny premature baby sizes from 1-2lb. we love these.

for low birth weight premature baby clothing in sizes 3-5lb and 5-8lb there are some special occasion cardigans really soft, excellent quality too.3 piece outfits stripes again.slender fitting son this new range.

lots of incubator first premature baby clothing NICU vests multi directional popper fastenings. see these plus much more just added at


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