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price lifelike reborn baby dolls are they cheap

price reborn baby dolls are they cheap for a lifelike doll

we use reborn baby dolls to portray our very tiny preterm baby clothes on . due to premature babies being so sick that’s why we don’t use real babies to take photographs of our stock.

reborn baby dolls that are really lifelike are expensive to make them. a kit alone can cost around 70 pounds upwards. then you need special paints rooting needles to apply mohair one strand at a time body, filling and clothes to dress them in .

to buy them once they are finished into a lifelike reborn baby doll, the averageĀ  cost from a good artist can be 500 pounds upwards. don’t be tempted to buy one for 20 pound unless you want a cheap doll sculpt that doesn’t look like a real life baby and has been paint by a child.

reborn babies is a tough area of crafting to get into if you want to try it your self where would you sell the doll afterwards ebay ? many artist get scammed people nid on them really high then fail to pay for them or on the other hand some ones orders pays half the money upfront then says they have changed their mind. using paypal is a no no because they can refund the money back to the buyer . plus unless you get it fully tracked when its been posted the buyer could say I never received it keep the doll and get a refund from pay pal too.

reborn doll sculpt artist are also having their work copied by cheap factories overseas . bringing the real price of proper reborn doll sculpt kits down in price.


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