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Premature baby in intensive care unit Bood tests!

Blood test for a premature baby why ?
When babies are unwell samples of blood will be taken to check for infection, anaemia, blood sugar, salt and jaundice levels.A blood sample obtained from a heel puncture is a useful and simple way of collecting a blood sample from a neonate.

It can be used to monitor:

Blood sugar levels
Drug levels
Blood gases
Full blood counts
Urea and electrolytes
Newborn Bloodspot Screening Tests

Premature baby keeping a check using a brain scan or xray.

using a mobile x-ray machine. Most often we x-ray the chest to detect problems with the lungs and heart, or the abdomen to look at the intestines.scanning through the fontanelle (soft spot), to check on the heart and sometimes other organs such as the liver, kidneys and bladder.

Hearing and Eye Tests
All babies should have a simple eye check by the doctors on the neonatal unit to look for cataracts.Due to the importance and possible operations a premature baby, may need to look out for ROP an eye disease common problems in premature babies. The most premature of babies will also be seen by a specialist from the eye department usually when they are about 6 weeks old.


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