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premature baby feed trials what is it?

by duron123

by duron123

premature baby feed trials what is it?

a premature baby that has been delivered early due to a medical condition in the mother or by spontaneous rupture of mums membranes may not have milk in a baby bottle or be feeding from the breast straight away.

The earlier the baby the more likely that baby will not have yet developed good sucking reflexes compared to that of a newborn baby.Its because of the immaturity associate with prematurity in these tiny babies born earlier than expected.

A feeding tube is placed down baby’s nose into the stomach then as baby is getting nearer to going home from the special care baby unit feed trials commence. Feed trials is a little amount given in a bottle to start with or breast or a bottle with mums breast milk.the feeding tube is not yet removed until baby can tolerate feeding from a bottle or breast.

As baby gets used to these first feeds you may want to buy a tiny premature baby dribble bib that’s not overpowering in size. Cheeky Chums have a wide range of premature baby bibs in funky colours and different absorbancy levels and in the tiny sizes perfect for low birth weight babies , these start from a size 2-3lb upwards see them at


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