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Pregnancy in Labour is your Newborn at risk of this infection

Group B strep in pregnancy.What is Group B strep ?

Please sign this e-petition. its calling for every woman to be  routinely given accurate information about group B Streptococcus (group B Strep or GBS) during pregnancy at antenatal care; every low-risk woman is offered a sensitive test for GBS, ideally at 35-37 weeks of pregnancy; and every higher-risk woman is offered antibiotics in labour.

Is Group B strep dangerous for newborn babies?

Its An infection that passes onto baby during delivery if mum has GBS it can be present at any time – in a woman’s first pregnancy, or in subsequent pregnancies. It can be a threat during pregnancy, around delivery and afterwards.

Early-onset GBS infection in newborn babies 0-6 days after birth.

Late onset GBS infection in babies age 6 days – 3 months of age.

 Offering antibiotics in labour to Mums whose babies are at raised risk would prevent most of these infections

sign the petition here 

download a leaflet on Grhere


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