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message on baby funeral flowers card ideas

Daisies and rainbow against the sky

message on baby funeral flowers card ideas

the saddest day ever for a family that has lost their baby. the baby’s funeral day can be remembered with loving words and kind thoughts.  if you plan to send funeral flowers with a hand written message here are some caring examples you can use freely.

funeral flower messages for baby boys

  • floaty kisses sent to heaven to you,good night baby boy we will always miss you.
  • a wave goodbye as we look to the sky, remembering you precious baby boy.
  • a gentle kiss and dearly missed xx.

funeral card messages for infant girls

  • A hug and a kiss, you will be dearly missed blessed baby girl.
  • A baby girls that is mummy’s delight, thinking of you as we say our goodnight.
  • flowers in the garden as pretty as you, goodnight little baby we will always love you.

loss of baby twins  multiple birth message ideas for the funeral flowers

  • resting together and never to part .
  • friends together and loved forever.
  • best friend babies for all eternity.

unisex messages for miscarried babies unsure of sex

  • a precious child always loved and remembered.
  • loved right from the start and never to part, in heavens rest with the angels.
  • Sleeping baby in the loving arms of God above.

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