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Do you actually love your child?

To Love a child unconditionally is an important feature for a parent. No matter what happens, good or bad, when a parent loves their child unconditionally, they forgive and forget any troubles that might arise. Learn how to develop unconditional love for your child.

physical contact, eye contact, discipline and focused attention will help the child feel the love for themselves as a dependent. Parents can confuse discipline with punishment such as shouting, smacking, sending the child to bed early possibly with no dinner etc, and do not realize that discipline can be set out in a healthy way.

Eye contact is when you look directly into the eyes of another person, must be used when speaking to a child. People tend to trust people more and enjoy people that speak directly into their eyes.

Give a child your full attention and do not lead the attention away from them in any way, a child will feel loved unconditionally. You should spend undivided time with the child and do activites that you can both bond over such as baking, making cards for loved ones, making toys or playing with the childs toys making a tent with sheets and chairs etc.

Use physical contact when spending time with your child. A child will feel unconditional love if you hug them, kiss them, poke them gently, play with their hair and so on. Any type of loving physical contact can be a wonderful way of expressing your love. A sign you’re their for them.

Discipline as a way of training your child for the world and what is going on in it for when they grow up, to be the best they can be and for a parent to give them the best opportunity so that a child can achieve this. It will help them improve their character and help them develop self control and survival skills. Discipline can be considered guidance and boundries in many ways. Without boundaries children will have problems in relationships, school and life. Many times addictive behaviour can be traced to lack of boundaries. The more you guide them, the more they will feel you care and love them no matter what as they will see that they are only set to keep them out of danger especially whilst they are young.

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