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Heat wave expected April UK Baby unsettled protecting premature babies

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Heat wave expected April UK Baby unsettled protecting your premature babies

Baby unsettled during a heatwave? how can you help premature babies during a heat wave in the UK? when your premature baby is home its totally different from an hospital envirnoment settling them into a routine anyhow especially for first time parents. During a heat wave even adults get frustrated trying to cope in the heat so here are 5 tips that can help babies settle better.

  1. Overheating in babies is really bad and unsafe and can cause the room temperature have a wall thermometor where ever baby sleeps.Durn down central heating or off if the heatwave outside has begun.
  2. Do not overdress your baby. Don’t use a snowsuit if you think your premature baby will still get cold.
  3. Going out in the pram dress baby according to the outdoor temperatures in a heatwave a cardigan over a baby will be fine maxium do not use a coat even or thick blankets even a thin cotton sheet will be better.
  4. use a pram sun canopy to shade the sun from babies eyes.
  5. a sun hat can also shield babys eyes from the sun girls sun hats for premature babies can be found in an aboundance supply here



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