A Baby Burial just got easier for premature babies

Finding clothes oh so tiny for a premature baby’s funeral is so hard in the uk.Parents have to buy dolls clothes or use a hospital blanket of rely on hospital handouts if there are any available or small enough. At Cheeky Chums you can find delicate burial clothes in the most premature of baby sizes.You […]

Cheeky Chums becomes more Eco friendly

  we would like to inform you of important site updates for all customer past and present and potential. All the staff at Cheeky Chums are concerned the way our planet and climate is changing. For Cheeky Chums own brand products ” Something precious” “Snuggies”,Nanny Nicu are made from materials sourced from the UK and […]

Final meeting with NICU staff for Nanny Nicu special care baby clothes

well today we meet up with julie the staff nurse, she is liasing with us to make sure the new range of special care baby clothes are just right.All the packaging has arrived to wrap these little garments up perfectly, and will also be a suitable gift for premature babies too.Designed for The Nicu these […]

Premature baby death being prepared

Tiny little babies are often too small/ weak or extremely poorly and just don’t make it.You can be prepared in case baby sadly does pass away and not worried about what baby wears for a final sleep.If baby is very premature you will struggle to find anything suitable both on the high street and in the uk online […]