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PREGNANCY give birth private or NHS

When you are pregnant you want to know that you have done all you can to protect your baby from in the womb – to givng birth at the best hospital. Now that you can choose the hospital yourself in which to give birth, here  are some recommendations  to pick from wether private or NHS. Most widwives,some hospitals will tell you they …Continue reading →

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Pregnancy,Birth yippee at last I’m pregnant!

Pregnancy,Birth yippee at last I’m pregnant! If pregnancy seemed to take forever and a day wow to be told its a possitive pregnancy test, you will so filled with joy and want to tell your mum, best friend and all the family once you have passed the 3 months (first trimester} so where do you look online to see what …Continue reading →

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New Grandparent helping mum get tiny clothes to fit baby

So Mums pregnancy ended early ,mums still on the maternity unit dad is busy running back and forth to the hospital so that leaves you to rush around to get baby smaller sized baby clothes.The ones in mums pregnancy bag for the hospital  are newborn + and are way too big. Where do you go when the high street only …Continue reading →

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