miscarriage pregnancy at 12 weeks can you have late miscarriages

i lost baby in pregnancy at 12 weeks can you also have a late miscarriage? sometimes miscarriages are unexplainable but are most common under 12 weeks into pregnancy .This weeks news headlines told of one mums brave persistance and after 14 miscarriages and 2 other baby losses finally gave birth to a darling little girl. […]

pregnancy worry is your baby kicking enough

 In pregnancy for a first time mum baby starts to  kick around 5 months into the pregnancy. In subsequent pregnancies mums can feel baby kick earlier.Its starts of as a fluttering in the stomach at first it may get missed as “oh its just wind”.  baby gains weight inside the womb and starts to grow more defined kicks […]

When can I try for another baby after a fetal demise?

today we are answering your questions most asked on our search box.   Q 1 When can I try for another baby after a fetal demise? A 1 When you feel emotionally able to cope and after a normal period returns.Ask your self these questions and if you are unsure then wait a little longer.You do […]

baby loss worry stillborn baby, baby funeral I have a question?

Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now. please do not be afraid to ask!  This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk about such a taboo subject as baby loss. We […]

Premature baby Loss,Now I can’t Cope being pregnant

Premature baby loss  you can cope if you fall pregnant again ?  This is how we adviced parents in a similar position. Q.1 Dear Cheeky Chums My best friend lost her baby 9 months ago she was 21 weeks gestation.Now she is pregnant again and doesn’t Know if she can cope ,she is terrified of going for her first […]