shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation

A shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation you need to be aware of just in case baby arrives early. As your go into  premature labour You may only get a quick glimpse of your baby due to health problems premature may babies have immediately after delivery. This could mean you won’t get to take a better look […]

baby in icu mum dresses premature baby easily

Mum dresses her premature baby easily when baby wears these Nanny Nicu ICU clothes. learn how these differ to normal premature baby clothes by reading on… Nanny Nicu specialist Baby Clothes sizes 1-12lb for NICU,HDU, SCBU and home HT. Unique premature baby and tiny baby clothing sets by Nanny Nicu. Designed by baby specialists with the direct […]

The warmer factor for premature babies less than 5lb

Coming soon another new premature baby product. “NICU Smoothies” Winter Warmer Vests  by Nanny Nicu ™. keeping the tiny babies warm this upcoming winter. Specially created for the premature baby that is not ready for wearing layers. 100% cotton, smoother finished edges around sensitive area’s such as neck and bottom.Design copyright to Cheeky Chums.  Manufactured especially for the delicate early […]