overdue worrying in pregnancy 1st baby membrane sweep

overdue worrying in pregnancy shall i have a membrane sweep its my first baby ? a membrane sweep is performed at the maternity hospital often by a consultant also known as membranes stripped,membrane stretch and sweep,cervical sweep. The procedure involves the midwife or doctor placing a finger just inside the cervix and making a circular, […]

I’m pregnant what’s a birth plan having a baby

I’m pregnant what’s a birth plan having a baby So you are pregnant congratulations in a few months me you will be having a baby in your life.When you have had your first midwife visit you may want to think about a birth plan.you may have been trying so long to have baby that you […]

multipe birth a quick premature baby birth c section for babies

multiple Premature Baby Birth ,Premature Babies Birth delivery of early babies by C Section..     In the case a mum to be needs to have a c section and a baby will be born early or as in the case of a pregnancy with multiples the Babies will result in  a premature babies birth.Mum has a […]

For the sake of a premature baby ditch the planned induction

premature baby Joshua delivered at 37 weeks Too posh to push? do not want to go full term? planning an induction because you do not want to have a tear by a vaginal birth. Think of the premature baby and ditch it unless of an emergency or complication with your own body. here are 5 […]