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baby grandchild died preterm fetal demise at 20 weeks


baby grandchild died preterm fetal demise at 20 weeks sex unknown

I was wondering what to order to bury my grandchild in for the funeral service born at 20 weeks it died at 18-19 weeks and we wont know what baby will be in terms of a boy or a girl can you advise please?

yes ,no problem what you have remember is if baby died at 18 weeks he or she will have stopped growing at that point so if you bought an outfit for a 20 week size baby then it would be too big. pre term babies at 18 weeks are so , so tiny and tender to hold so the best outfit to put on is a gown or settled in comfort in a fetal demise pouch.  we also stock lots in unisex for when sex of baby had not yet been confirmed with a scan.


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