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teething – when cutting teeth really hurts

When a child is cutting there teeth this is not a quick process, from the gummy little grin to a mouthful of nashers it takes roughly 3 years to complete a childs whole set of teeth 20 of them, then about 3 years after that they fall out to make way for the adult teeth. When a baby is growing …Continue reading →

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Do you actually love your child?

To Love a child unconditionally is an important feature for a parent. No matter what happens, good or bad, when a parent loves their child unconditionally, they forgive and forget any troubles that might arise. Learn how to develop unconditional love for your child. physical contact, eye contact, discipline and focused attention will help the child feel the love for …Continue reading →

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help my child is not breathing properly

Bronchiolitis   A common illness of the respiratory tract it is most common in infants and young children usually in the first 2 years of life but with the strongest occurrence between 3-6months of age. Due to their airways being smaller which in effect can get blocked a lot easier than older kids or adult, Bronchiolitis is caused by an …Continue reading →

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mum with premature baby ‘don’t egnore me’

Knowing a couple that have just had a premature baby can be a worrying time, you feel concerned but also worried of what to say just in case you say the wrong thing, ring at the wrong time if the new parents are resting, upset or the baby is having a few problems, it’s a very difficult and confusing time …Continue reading →

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pregnancy – When weeing hurts you!

Urinary Tract Infections   UTI’s are common in pregnant women symptoms can be , frequent urination, painful urination or burning sensation when urinating, difficulty to urinate, cloudy urine and urine with an unusual odour. these can mean infection in a few parts of the body, bladder, kidneys urethra or uretha. pregnant women are at high risk to these infections due …Continue reading →

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Hospital 'secretly films parents being told their unborn babies had died'…

About 2 weeks ago from Cheeky Chums's Twitter via Twitter Web Client


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