twin babies, pregnant with twins double trouble

A look at the birth of twin babies. As a Teenager Ill never forget the look I gave friend as My mum casually talked about having babies. “Oh I thought you did it twice to get twins,I always wanted twin babies but then I got you.” It sparked todays blog topic a look at a […]

pregnancy – are you and your unborn child at risk?

Pre-eclampsia   Pre-eclampsia can make expectant mothers develop high blood pressure even though the expectant mother may not have had any symptoms or risk factor before becoming pregnant. pre-eclampsia often occurs late in pregnancy all though it is unknown of the exact cause of pre-eclampsia it is thought to be a problem regarding the placenta. […]

4 Common illnesses in pregnancy

As this week we are carrying on our information of the 4 most common illnesses in pregnancy and the topic of today is Gestational Diabetes, this usually occurs to an expectant mother anywhere half way between the second trimester, it is not a permanent illness and it disappears after the birth of the baby. symptoms of […]

4 common pregnancy illnesses

This week we feature The 4 most common illnesses in pregnancy these are, Anemia, Gestational Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia and Urinary Tract Infections (ITD’s) there is no cure for these pregnancy illnesses but they do tend to disappear after the birth of the child, the illnesses can be very worrying for an expectant mother. The more knowledge that […]