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9 year old child gives birth to a baby

You have heard the contoversy over the worlds oldest mum and what problems it brings but what about youngest mum in the world at only 9 years old. When is a child not a child, when does a child become a woman.The child mum comes from the nearby town of Songyuan. Her family refused to discuss the pregnancy, but confirmed they had reported it to the local police.
Last night police were reportedly trying to establish who the dad could be.

In the province, sex with a child under the age of 14 brings an automatic rape conviction and a lengthy jail sentence.
a girl / women under the age of 14 do not have sexual rights – ‘so any argument of being consensual as a defence is completely untenable,’

‘Anyone who has sexual relations with a girl under 14 means they have committed rape and will be punished severely.’
A hospital in China’s largest city, Shanghai, recently said that about 30 per cent of abortions were on school-aged girls.
The youngest reported incident of a mother in the world – and the most bizarre of all young pregnancy cases – is five-year-old Lina Medina of Peru, who gave birth to a 6lb son named Gerardo in a Caesarean operation in 1939.
Lina Medina, accompanied by her 11-month-old-son Gerardo, and Dr Lozada helped with the birth of her baby. Her father was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse but was later released because of lack of evidence.

In 1957 another Peruvian girl, aged nine, gave birth to a girl weighing just over 6lb and, curiously, it was in 2006 that yet another Peruvian girl, aged eight, gave birth to a 4lb 4oz girl.
Several other girls aged nine, from Thailand, Singapore, Rwanda and Brazil, have also given birth.
Mothers aged as young as 10 and 11 have also become an increasing occurrence.
The youngest mum in Britain is believed to have been 11 when she got pregnant and 12 years old when she gave birth to her baby.
The youngest dad is said to have been proven on record was 12-year old Sean Stewart of England, who fathered a child by his 16 year old neighbor!
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