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5 tips for a happy new baby and a contented good single mum

reaching for a toy grasping a toy tummy time play

reaching for a toy grasping a toy tummy time play

7 tips for a happy new baby and a contented good mum

so the baby’s is finally home from hospital and you are on your own a chance to really be a mum at last. no more annoying questions such as have you not had that baby yet? or how long have you got to go?

how can you adjust to life as a mum ?

here are 5 tips to help you both settle in.

  • Listen to your baby first you have to get to know him or her,the crys, setting into a routine when will he need a next feed?
  • Bonding with your baby don’t leave baby to stare at nothing when awake make the most of the cuddles talking to your baby holding or singing to baby.
  • If you have a relative who will give you a break doing the washing for you or making you tea have a little nap when you can,it will help to help give you strength to cope with the night feeds .Being single means you don’t have a partner to take some of the strain off your tiredness.
  • When you feel up to it don’t stay in all time being lonely, take a stroll out with baby in the pram fresh air will do you good, you will be really thrilled as friends come over to you and ask how you are doing, oh and to have a sneak peak of the new baby too.
  • Don’t miss out on sure start groups or getting baby weighed at the clinic etc its also a chance to ask the health visitors any questions worries or anxieties you may have ,plus its a chance to chat with other mums too.
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