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March, 2018

20 weeks pregnancy fetus growth development survival

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF 20 WEEKS PREGNANCY & DEVELOPMENT CHANCES OF SURVIVAL BORN BABY’S DEVELOPMENT If you’ve recently found out a baby’s sex, you and your husband are a whole lot happier than when you first knew you were pregnant—am I right? Now, those baby names you’re throwing out are more likely to end up as the baby’s actual name. …Continue reading →

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how to wash newborn premature baby clothes

TAKING CARE OF PREMATURE NEWBORN BABY CLOTHES Premature babies have got delicate skin and fragile respiratory systems, and strong smells or unpleasant chemicals could cause allergic reactions. Preemie clothes needs to be washed in warm or even hot water, in a smoke-free habitat, using laundry detergent that is certainly perfume as well as dye free. Fabric softeners and dryer linens …Continue reading →

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what is PROM fetus baby born 23 weeks

PROM – DEFINITION, SIGNS, AND CHANCES OF SURVIVAL BABY BORN AT 23 WEEKS GESTATION DUE TO PROM DEFINITION Premature rupture of membranes (PROM), or pre-labor rupture of membranes, is a condition that can occur during pregnancy. It is defined as ruptures of membranes (breakage of the amniotic sac, more than 1 hour before the onset of labor. The sac (consisting of 2 membranes, the chorion, and amnion) contains amniotic fluid, which surrounds …Continue reading →

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Premature birth baby born early babies

Premature birth baby born early Premature births are births that normally occurs between the 24th and the 37th week of being pregnant with a weight between 500 and 2,500 grams before the particular delivery date. Such children are generally known as premature babies. Babies born before 37 weeks are premature. A premature delivery is definitely more likely to occur when …Continue reading →

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what is a miscarriage signs symptoms threatened

Signs and Sуmрtоmѕ оf Prеgnаnсу Mіѕсаrrіаgе What is a miscarriage? Mіѕсаrrіаgе оr spontaneous аbоrtіоn, which іѕ defined аѕ thе spontaneous lоѕѕ оf a рrеgnаnсу in thе fіrѕt 20 wееkѕ, іѕ thе most соmmоn tуре оf рrеgnаnсу lоѕѕ. During a mіѕсаrrіаgе, аn еmbrуо or fеtuѕ іѕ spontaneously еxрulѕеd frоm thе utеruѕ but саn’t yet live іn thе оutѕіdе wоrld. Aftеr 20 …Continue reading →

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Praise as new support group for families of premature babies is launched…

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