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hymns for stillborn babies funeral service

what hymns are suitable for a stillborn babies funeral service more and more families are choosing modern ways of downloading songs to use at a stillborn babies funeral service ,often use to be played as guests enter and leave the church or similar funeral setting  but inbetween a couple of hymns may also be needed. so here are our top 7 …Continue reading →

overdue worrying in pregnancy 1st baby membrane sweep

overdue worrying in pregnancy shall i have a membrane sweep its my first baby ? a membrane sweep is performed at the maternity hospital often by a consultant also known as membranes stripped,membrane stretch and sweep,cervical sweep. The procedure involves the midwife or doctor placing a finger just inside the cervix and making a circular, sweeping movement.It separates the membranes …Continue reading →

dead babies I lost my baby who can i talk to

dead babies I lost my baby who can i talk to please advice? the worst death to handle is the death of a baby. Know one understands why I’m down all the time a lady confides to a friend after a year of losing her baby . yet there is someone who understands and that’s other parents m,ums and dads …Continue reading →

fetal development babies in the womb 20-24 weeks

fetal development babies in the womb 20-24 weeks what is baby doing by sides growing a look at babies growing in the womb and the awesome development that is taking place in mummy’s growing pregnancy tummy. pregnancy week 20 baby development whats going on developing baby nerve cells for taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch are now developing in specialized …Continue reading →

Freaky hot weather babies too hot dress newborn baby

Freaky hot weather babies too hot how to dress newborn baby with the freaky weather changing from one day to the next not only in the uk but all over Europe too, how do you dress a newborn baby when its way too hot ? heres our top 5 tips. in the house just a nappy lie baby on a …Continue reading →

baby died dresses made for deceased babies burial

dresses made for deceased babies funeral dresses made just for dead babies burial since 2007 Cheeky Chums started a range of baby bereavement clothing  just for  tiny babies burial services. since then Something Precious range has expanded to cover dresses and attire from 16 weeks gestation  up to 40 weeks of pregnancy so every size of dresses and clothing are …Continue reading →

baby rashes can premature babies get eczema ?

b aby rashes can premature babies get eczema ? my premature baby is 5 months old and has a rash could it be eczema? yes they can have eczema even mild doses the doctor will give you some cream to put directly on or it can go directly into the bath instead of using soap which can dry out your premature …Continue reading →

Dead Babies Short Cremation service 5 ideas what to do after

Dead Babies Short Cremation service what to do after do you go home ? when a baby has sadly passed away if you are not religious you do not need a church service with all the trimmings its up to you how you spend the time after the service. here are 5 ideas what you can do after the initial cremation …Continue reading →

baby grandchild died preterm fetal demise at 20 weeks

baby grandchild died preterm fetal demise at 20 weeks sex unknown I was wondering what to order to bury my grandchild in for the funeral service born at 20 weeks it died at 18-19 weeks and we wont know what baby will be in terms of a boy or a girl can you advise please? yes ,no problem what you …Continue reading →

Babies in SCBU should friends visit a premature baby

Babies in SCBU should friends visit your premature baby the answer is No ,partly due to infection control and keeping germs from babies  plus hospitals are strict for visiting sick babies and premature infants  immediately family family member will even be allowed onto the SCBU ward if mum or dad isn’t there (if the premature baby has both parents …Continue reading →

Ditching the sweet tooth before it starts in babies

    Ditching the sweet tooth before it starts in babies working with children for over 25 years there is nothing worse than early tooth decay in young children so today we give you our top 5 tips how you can give your baby a healthier start and ditching the sugar before tooth decay can set in . do not …Continue reading →

Creating a baby loss memorial garden on a budget for babies

Creating a baby loss memorial garden on a budget where do you start ? today we are going to look at creating a beautiful memorial garden at home for a baby that has sadly passed away. Some cemeteries can be fussy what you add to a grave plot and the last thing you need is to create a lovely garden …Continue reading →

premature baby stillbirth baby loss goes inside memory box

premature baby stillbirth baby loss what goes inside the memory box depending what age in weeks baby passed away at will often determine what you can put into a premature baby loss memory box. if baby passed away at 24 weeks or less you may only have a few items collected to put together. if baby was in intensive care …Continue reading →

friends babies died at 26 week sympathy cards uk where?

friends babies died at 26 week sympathy cards where can I get a multiple baby loss card here in the UK? saying sorry for your loss seems one of the hardest things you will have to do especially for babies and how much more so with a twin or multiple birth pregnancy. At Something Precious TM they stock multiple cards for nearly …Continue reading →

can my premature baby 5 months go to the beach ?

any advice cheeky chums ? can my premature baby now age 5 months go to the beach ? yes here are our top 7 tips to bear in  mind if you are going to a beach on a sunny day with a young premature baby or babies under 12 months old. With the freaky weather we have been having this last few …Continue reading →

baby died find prayers for my preterm babies funeral

my baby died Help me find prayers for my preterm babies funeral I do not know where to start for a family who believe in God and Jesus and your gentle baby sadly died,here are some prayer ideas you can use for your preterm babies funeral service. Copyright of Something precious TM feel free to print copy and paste to …Continue reading →

where to get smallest preemie clothes for babies uk

where to get smallest preemie clothes for babies in the uk for the most colourful and extensive range of preemie babies sized clothes in the the UK, a wonderful shop online has the widest range available and is located right here in the UK you name it Cheeky Chums stocks it from little knickers, preemie baby headbands, coats, snowsuits, dresses, cardigans …Continue reading →

Nightmare nothing at grandmas house for the new born baby

Nightmare nothing at grandmas house for the new born baby what a headache mum grabs the baby bag slips it on the pram handles and rushes over to grandmas house. she gets there for a few hour visit. and what happens next ? baby poo all up her back , mum gets the baby changing bag and no baby clothes in …Continue reading →

Devasting Baby loss How do i cope seeing my pregnant friend?

Devasting Baby loss How do i cope seeing my pregnant friend? I’m due to go and visit my pregnant friend for a baby shower how do I cope seeing her after my baby loss 13 weeks ago ? here are some truths other mums have found when they too have lost a baby. You have to weigh up for your …Continue reading →

5 Top reasons for having a baby getting pregnant babies galore

getting Pregnant want a baby now ? 5 top reasons for wanting babies often a friend may comment to you when are you going  to get pregnant and start having babies ? or you may feel to reply back saying when I’m ready ,so what are the top reasons for getting pregnant and having a baby or even  more? here are …Continue reading →

baby born 2lb where to buy premature baby clothes in Manchester uk

baby born 2lb where to buy premature baby clothes in Manchester uk many shops have started to stock more premature baby clothes, usually youll find these from 3lb or prem baby sizes and upwards. if you are looking to buy a 2lb baby some premature baby clothes in and around manchester of the uk it gets much more difficult. So …Continue reading →

pregnancy loss miscarriage poems of comfort baby died

pregnancy loss miscarriage poems of comfort for the family how do you say sorry when it doesnt seem enough for a mum that has just had a miscarriage? you can send mum some flowers with a little written note.give a gift such a piece of baby loss memorial jewelry. send a sympathy card or frame a poem as gift too. …Continue reading →

Heat wave expected April UK Baby unsettled protecting premature babies

Heat wave expected April UK Baby unsettled protecting your premature babies Baby unsettled during a heatwave? how can you help premature babies during a heat wave in the UK? when your premature baby is home its totally different from an hospital envirnoment settling them into a routine anyhow especially for first time parents. During a heat wave even adults get …Continue reading →

premature babies birth weight baby worrying mum

premature babies birth weight worrying mum premature babies weight can be worrying for a new mum especially if baby was born around 23-25 weeks at 1lb or just over or in kilograms at 700 grams. premature babies wont weigh a lot especially if delivered during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.Its because the last few weeks of pregnancy this is the …Continue reading →

tiny tiny babies born premature at 24 weeks

tiny tiny babies born premature at 24 weeks of pregnancy when premature babies are born tiny tiny at 24 weeks reached of pregnancy their care needs are so much different to that compared to being born at 38 weeks. here are 5 differences in these tiny tiny premature babies little old man features wrinnkly skin fragile approx measuring size 30cm …Continue reading →

quotes baby loss cards after my twin babies died poems

quotes baby loss cards after twin babies died multiple birth poems here are some poems and baby loss quotes you can use for multiple birth twins or triplets funeral and memorial services or adding to a bereavement card two little birdies tweeting in the sky,two little children its time to say goodbye. memories last a lifetime and my heart will …Continue reading →

understanding fetal demise in pregnancy questions answered

understanding fetal demise in pregnancy questions answered baby scan dear cheeky chums what does a fetal demise mean? In pregnancy as the baby grows it is referred to as a fetus by the hospital staff during the first 3 months of pregnancy if baby dies during this time it is known as a fetal demise. I’m pregnant how will I know if …Continue reading →

tiny babies can they get rashes face born premature

tiny babies can they get rashes on their face born premature baby born tiny and early for dates is it true they can get a Rash? yes baby can get a rash on the face known as a milk rash . Do not be tempted to squash and pimples like a spot, the rash will go on its own. use cotton …Continue reading →

message on baby funeral flowers card ideas

message on baby funeral flowers card ideas the saddest day ever for a family that has lost their baby. the baby’s funeral day can be remembered with loving words and kind thoughts.  if you plan to send funeral flowers with a hand written message here are some caring examples you can use freely. funeral flower messages for baby boys floaty kisses …Continue reading →

can babies early get sore bum Premature baby

can babies born early get sore bum Premature baby Dear Cheeky Chums my premature baby was born early can babies really get a sore bum so soon after has just started to break skin what can I do the wipes seem soft enough to the touch. yes even premature babies can get a sore bum do not use baby …Continue reading →

a day out with nan 3 kids and a baby family meal

a day out with nan 3 kids and a baby You may think having a day out with the family can sometimes be too much trouble especially with a young baby in tow and all the items you have to take with you. The pram, the nappy bag, bottles spare clothes is it worth it to go for a meal …Continue reading →

where can I buy card gift for baby miscarriage

  where can I buy card gift for baby miscarriage My friend has just had a miscarriage at 20 weeks gestation and I’m not sure what to buy as a gift ,should I send her a card too? The parents will appreciate a baby sympathy Card from you that acknowledges their loss in a tender way. A great gift is two …Continue reading →

can’t wait to take 8 month baby to a bonfire night party

can’t wait to take 8 month baby to a bonfire night party 5th November. Bonfire night tomorrow and by tradition your parents may have taken you to a bonfire night party as a child. So you think it will be great to take along a 8 month old baby to your neighbours huge bonfire party. Is it a good idea? will your baby …Continue reading →

early baby survival rate premature babies 22-24 weeks

  early baby survival rate premature babies born at 22-24 weeks A few years ago my cousin was born early at 23 weeks and it was a struggle to get a relative to follow the consultant around to try fight for this premature baby. As babies were only classed as viable at 24 weeks many hospital’s policies varied as if …Continue reading →

tiny baby loss public cremation don’t wear clothes babies death

babies death early baby loss public cremation dont wear clothes Shocked a few days ago by one of our families who purchased a set of clothes for their baby grandsons cremation. originally planned  was a hospitals cremation service funeral and they were told don’t send clothes for baby to wear as they have to be given back to the mum before …Continue reading →

make me laugh baby funny babies on video

make me laugh baby funny babies on video here are some of the most viewed funny clips of babies on you tube. people love to show off their little ones antics. its great to reflect many years down the line and as the baby gets older mums just love to tell everyone just how cute they were as babies. why …Continue reading →

Planning a preterm baby loss funeral How ? 5 useful tips

Planning a preterm baby funeral where to start 5 useful tips Our baby bereavement articles covers the different types of funeral services you can have for your baby that was delivered before 24 weeks, plus  the meantime here are some tips for organizing the baby’s funeral service. Who will plan the funeral mum or dad of the baby a relative …Continue reading →

premature baby feed trials what is it?

premature baby feed trials what is it? a premature baby that has been delivered early due to a medical condition in the mother or by spontaneous rupture of mums membranes may not have milk in a baby bottle or be feeding from the breast straight away. The earlier the baby the more likely that baby will not have yet developed …Continue reading →

teen mum Newborn Babies good routine new baby

Newborn Babies A good routine for a new baby teen mum believe it or not the following 3 testimonies are not a good routine for a newborn baby and a teenage mum. The second 3 examples are a good routine for a new baby. BAD EXAMPLES BAD EXAMPLES routine 1. get up 11 am have cig, give baby bottle put …Continue reading →

Taking a premature baby out in Cold January

Taking a premature baby out and about in Cold January season. How can you ensure your premature baby enjoys a visit to the grandparents or a trip shopping with you in the colder month of January. Well if baby will be traveling with you in your arms only a snowsuit and warm outdoor hat is recommended with a medium blanket. …Continue reading →

My Baby Stop Screaming ! can’t cope with babies

My Baby Stop Screaming ! cant cope with babies Dear Cheeky Chums what can I do my baby wont stop screaming he is 10 days old Help me I can’t cope I haven’t told any one. The first thing you do is talk, being a first time parent doesn’t always come easy .Being a parent of a newborn doesn’t come …Continue reading →

Pregnant Do premature babies survive born 23 weeks

Pregnant Do premature babies survive born at 23 weeks? The early a baby is delivered the more at risk they are of picking up infections organ immaturity and breathing problems and complications that can arise such as development delays and disabilities.Babies are classed as viable from 24 weeks gestation, in a mum to be that is pregnant and about to …Continue reading →

Premature infants – babies 1y interesting blog posts to follow

Premature infants – babies 1 year interesting blog posts happy new year to readers past present and new. A Big welcome to our blog for 2014. It was a busy month in December 2013 so we didn’t have much time to post many posts on our babies blog. It must have been all the pre-Christmas orders we had had for …Continue reading →

Death of a child Loss honouring their memory in the holidays

Honoring Your Child During The Holidays   The loss of a child is something that every parent hopes to never encounter and many families live with every day.  The holiday season can be very challenging for parents as they are faced with the task of celebrating when they are grief stricken and sad.  There are ways in which you can …Continue reading →

NEW Premature infant babies clothing Festive snow people

NEW Premature infant babies clothing Festive snow people Out now at Cheeky Chums at last after searching the wholesalers we have them. Cute winter clothes for the winter time. soft velour baby grows in tiny baby sizes from 2-3lb upwards. and gorgeous little gingerbread themed hats to mix and match with see the whole range of tiny premature infant babies …Continue reading →

Disgrace VAT would go on Baby and Kids clothes

Disgrace VAT would go on Baby and Kids clothes In todays news its reported that Vat could be added to children’s clothing by the Tories new plans. Chancellor George Osborne is being pressured to adopt the move in the Autumn Statement on the economy next month. it would be good to see to Tory leaders spend a month living with …Continue reading →

where to buy Warm Winter clothing premature infants in UK

where to buy Warm Winter clothing premature infants in UK there is nothing worse than seeing a premature infant girls little legs have a mottled pattern on them due to being too cold.Some tights are just not small enough or for premature babies because they are way too baggy on slender legs. for widest range of winter premature baby tights …Continue reading →

premature babies born 24 – 30 weeks prematurity of organs

premature babies born 24 – 30 weeks prematurity of organs premature babies born 24 weeks are the very smallest babies born to survive.Imagine your little pinky finger then this is the width of a premature baby’s arm around 24 weeks gestation.a mums wedding ring will fit onto the tiny baby’s wrist.this is how small they are. The prematurity level of …Continue reading →

what is prematurity in babies a premature baby

what is prematurity in babies  premature baby babies in the womb develop immensely during the 9 months gestation before being delivered full term. A preterm birth means baby will be born premature. Premature means babies born very early are more prone to difficulties with the major organs because they are not full matured. maturity of a babies organs in the …Continue reading →

pregnancy at 20 weeks pregnant what does baby look like

pregnancy at 20 weeks pregnant what does baby look like pregnancy last40-42 weeks gestation and if you are wondering what your baby would look like in the womb here is a great website that shows pregnancy week by week close up and personal.It is one of the very best for showing the smallest detail  on how your pregnancy progress changes …Continue reading →

where to buy clothing for a 2lb premature infant

where to buy clothing for a 2lb premature infant many retailers have a prem baby clothing range or have the word prem on the sizing of each garment but for a family member buying the premature infant clothes it doesn’t tell you what weight they will fit a premature baby. many times i’ve asked several stall holders what size are …Continue reading →

I’m pregnant what’s a birth plan having a baby

I’m pregnant what’s a birth plan having a baby So you are pregnant congratulations in a few months me you will be having a baby in your life.When you have had your first midwife visit you may want to think about a birth may have been trying so long to have baby that you know what you want and …Continue reading →

premature birth premature babies information

There is a minefield of information about premature babies on the net.The trouble is you often find statistcs which are not much to go on if you want real relevant information that will help you understand more what’s happening to your baby if its born you can click on all the most important links ready at your finger tips that get …Continue reading →

Abortion baby Termination baby it died whoops my mistake !

abortion baby Termination baby it died whoops my mistake ! In last nights news a mum to be was told that her baby had died due to a silent miscarriage and was to told to have an abortion. after going to another hospital a scan revealed she was carrying a healthy 9 week fetus. How many more babies have been …Continue reading →

multipe birth a quick premature baby birth c section for babies

multiple Premature Baby Birth ,Premature Babies Birth delivery of early babies by C Section..     In the case a mum to be needs to have a c section and a baby will be born early or as in the case of a pregnancy with multiples the Babies will result in  a premature babies birth.Mum has a screen placed into position with …Continue reading →

top 100 baby names 2013 easily choose your babies name

top 100 baby names easily choose your babies name a name is for life not just for Christmas. silly comment but nether the less a child’s name is for keeps so don’t just jump into it like my parents did by choosing a name out of a hat. here are some great sites to browse though for inspiration to pick …Continue reading →

following a preemie baby blog mums idea

following a preemie baby blog mums idea first of all what is a preemie baby blog? A preemie baby blog run baby a mum or dad is…. a family’s owns diary of the progress of a premature baby in the Nicu. a great way to share updates,photos, progress, ups and downs with the world and to have it online for …Continue reading →

sudden infant death syndrome cot death baby loss

sudden infant death syndrome cot death baby loss. Can an infant baby die within the first year of life? answer yes on rare occasions. What is sudden infant death syndrome? an unexplained baby death within the first year of life ,after a detailed autopsy no cause could be determined. infants are at the highest risk for SIDS during sleep, it …Continue reading →

Autumn 2013 cardigans for premature babies warm premture baby

 warm enough premature baby Autumn 2013 cardigans for premature babies when baby is allowed layers in the special care by unit you may like to pick out a tiny bay cardigan to keep them warm enough and lines have just arrived for premature babies ,loads of snug fitting fancy cardigans see them here for both boys and girls Cheeky …Continue reading →

7 tips keeping babies and toddlers safe outside ? madeliene mcann where?

7 tips keeping babies and toddlers safe outside you find loads of tips about keeping your babies safe inside the home  what about the great outdoors. In this weeks news  a fresh insight has begun to find a little girl who went missing in 2007 age 4 Madeliene Mcann and when do our babies stop being babies? toddlers wander of …Continue reading →

what does baby preterm mean in babies

what does preterm mean in babies when a mum to be is pregnant the pregnancy should progress to last approx 40 week gestation,then baby will have gone full term and will be delivered weighing a very good size in weight.The average weight of a full term infant is 7 and half pounds.Babies can however weigh a little more or a …Continue reading →

timeline of fetal development growing fetus baby in utero

timeline of fetal development growing fetus baby in utero You know sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to a growing baby in the womb so take a look at this short video clip from conception to birth.  

Teddy Bears for an angel baby loss child death gift for you

Teddy Bears for an angel baby loss child death gift for you Twitter: @BearforanAngel  Bear for an Angel was Founded on August 13th 2010 by Michelle Dayson in loving memory of Tayten & Teagan Sadly many babies lost before 20 weeks will not have had any acknowledgement of life until us, For most women a keepsake acknowledges their …Continue reading →

Breastfeeding premature babies and twins

breastfeeding premature babies and twins infants if you have premature twin babies or just one premature baby then if you planned on breastfeeding them as newborns then it is possible even if they are looked after in the Nicu. breast milk for premature babies in the NICU units Breast milk to premature babies is like liquid gold so its important …Continue reading →

Buy premature baby clothes NEW Hindley Market Wigan Lancs

Buy premature baby clothes NEW Hindley Market Wigan Lancs whoop whoop Hindley market started last week again its not council run its a business that has taken over the running of it .There are lots of stalls applying for a stand and once there are gone they are gone. On one of the most busiest roads to Wigan it has …Continue reading →

Do premature babies born early survive born at 22 weeks

Do premature babies survive born early at 22 weeks Babies born at 24 weeks gestation are classed as viable. On rare occasions babies born even earlier have proved the medical staff wrong and have survived. Depending on the hospital and their policies determines if the staff think its in the best interest of the child to put it through such …Continue reading →

teen mum my premature baby came early how do I manage

  Teen mums with a premature baby  coping with responsibility.   Being a parent to a premature early baby  is not just feeding, changing  baby, making tea and washing. It’s about taking responsibility for the home environment too. If you are lucky enough to be living with your parents for the time being because your baby arrived early and the …Continue reading →

Early Pregnancy loss Miscarriage Blame? is it My fault ? 11 Myths

  Early Pregnancy loss Miscarriage Blame? is it My fault ? 11 Myths this blog post contains sensitive information on  pregnancy loss and miscarriage if it is likely to cause unnecessary upset please press your back button now. here is some valuable information I want you to consider about miscarriages, it includes 11 myths and rumors you need to listen …Continue reading →

special needs child autism development autistic children

all babies learn through play to develop in the 6 areas of learning: Physical,Intellectual,Emotion,Social,language,literacy special needs child autism development autistic children and play Learn to play with your special needs child to help language development and stimulate valuable social skills needed in autistic children special needs child From experience, I know that developmental and educational toys alone are not enough …Continue reading →

5 tips for a happy new baby and a contented good single mum

7 tips for a happy new baby and a contented good mum so the baby’s is finally home from hospital and you are on your own a chance to really be a mum at last. no more annoying questions such as have you not had that baby yet? or how long have you got to go? how can you adjust …Continue reading →

Not the right time do not potty train toileting toddlers

its Not the right time do not potty train toileting toddlers Potty training can be a stressful experience for you and your child. It’s best to start potty training when your child has an established daily routine and is not dealing with any additional stress. Potty training should be the only major change in your child’s life. If your child …Continue reading →

remaining fit and in trim in pregnancy exercises

There is no doubt that pregnancy exercise is both excellent and necessary for you to do now that your looking out for two (unless your doctor has told you otherwise!). Exercise will help you reduce your pregnancy related symptoms, manage your weight gain and speed up your post-partum recovery time. However, you MUST make sure that whatever you choose to …Continue reading →

7 great tips keeping under 5’s happy in the summer Holidays

7 great tips keeping under 5’s happy in the summer Holidays there is nothing worse than stressed out parents with bored kids is there? Wouldn’t it be good to have some handy ideas of keeping kids happy at your finger tips without it costing the earth? so here are some things to keep the kids happy and put a smile …Continue reading →

Should I buy my grandchild a baby’s first year book baby record book

Should I buy my grandchild a baby record book and what do you add in a baby’s first year book. so one of the first gifts you may want to buy for the new baby of the family is a baby record book , baby’s first year or first 5 years book. some may be plain when you open the …Continue reading →

Am I really pregnant body changes pregnancy 1 – 4 weeks

Am I really pregnant body changes pregnancy 1 – 4 weeks Trying for baby ? wondering what the first body changes that happen during the early stages of pregnancy then view this video clip just below. and if you are pregnant congratulations babies bring such joy to a family.

fetal demise whats the smallest baby bereavement clothes

fetal demise whats the smallest baby bereavement clothes this blog post contains news about baby loss which some readers may find upsetting, if this is likely to cause any upset please press your back button now thankyou. when a baby or fetal demise as you may have heard the term used passes away in the womb before 23 weeks you …Continue reading →

will this cute baby be sick watch this funny clip tasting lemon

  weaning baby will this baby be sick trying tasting new foods… So you have just started weaning a baby, ever thought of having  a video clip handy why ? you may be thinking to your self well for the first tastes of foods some foods have a different reaction than others The first is salty never give your baby …Continue reading →

Baby Bereavement Stillborn Babies sympathy messages what to write

Baby Bereavement Stillborn Babies sympathy messages what to write This blog contains sensitive information on baby bereavement is if is likely to cause offense please press your back button now. if you need to write a baby sympathy letter or card for a baby bereavement you may find it hard if baby was delivered very early and born stillborn or …Continue reading →

Baby health matters problems getting on mums nerves

Baby health matters problems getting on mums nerves Today we look at some health problems that babies can get in the first year of life that may seem get on your nerves sometimes but all babies can get ill or have some of these health issues. See if your baby has these and what you do about it. nappy rash: …Continue reading →

My wife’s pregnant how does a dad bond with baby too

My wife’s pregnant how do I bond with baby too? Good question for dads wanting to know how to bond with a newborn  baby. well it starts before your baby boy or girl is born .We have included a video clip to help you remember some basic techniques to assist you in bonding with your newborn baby right from the …Continue reading →

Amazing baby headbands for tiny premature babies HERE

Amazing headbands for tiny premature babies new styles just added to our big range of tiny premature baby headbands.We have the best range in the UK with all colours and sizes starting from 1-2lb for premature babies. see just a few just below then visit our website headband department for more choices  

5 reasons Why grounding kids doesn’t always work grounded children

5 reasons Why grounding kids doesn’t always work So you ground you kids and they sneak out and it stops working why do you think that is ? lets take a look at 5 popular reasons why grounding kids doesn’t always work. You forget you grounded them so they sneak out knowing you have forgotten. You say they are grounded …Continue reading →

Miscarriages Baby Loss Private option cremation service

Miscarriages Baby Loss Private option cremation service. This blog post look at the sad topic of miscarriages and baby loss if it is likely to cause any upset please press your back button now. With recent scandals of baby loss ashes going missing or not returned to  families and in particular in Scotland an audit and a public inquiry as …Continue reading →

Prince Willam and Kate baby not long to go Cravings!

Prince William and Kate baby not long to go Cravings! the royal baby of Prince William and Princess Katherine will draw more interest as the birth soon approaches in July 2013.Today its her latest cravings which is Spicy Foods. yesterday he betting shops closure taking any further bets on the baby’s expected delivery date, What next bets for guess the …Continue reading →

a new baby a few weeks old and pregnant again already!

my baby is only a few weeks old  and I’m pregnant again already! So the news is just out you have recently given birth to a new baby and by your reckoning your second baby is on its way within the coming year? you may think Oh dear how am I going to cope but funny enough its not as …Continue reading →

Premature Birth Premature babies 5 things that catch you unaware

premature birth  Premature babies what 5 things that catch you unaware when a premature birth is imminent and its going to happen quickly and in mid term pregnancy, there are a few things that you may not be ready for. here’s 5 things that can catch you unawares. my premature baby has no name no name for baby or the …Continue reading →

do premature babies in hospital get sick or have an infection ?

Why do premature babies in hospital sometimes get sick or have an infection? a question about premature babies getting an infection dear Cheeky Chums can  a very premature baby could pick up an infection in the Nicu is this true? yes it is possible its a longer road to recovery for the very immature premature babies because they would have …Continue reading →

premature babies in special care what is the NICU

premature babies in special care what is the NICU If your baby arrives early before 37 weeks its classed as premature and may need to spend some time being cared for in the NICU ( the neonatal intensive care unit) You may think oh baby will be ok after a few days and can come home but sometimes its not …Continue reading →

Spring 2013 Premature baby clothing tiny babies get trendy

Spring 2013 Premature baby clothing tiny babies get trendy stripes are in,  Spring the latest season of premature baby clothing has started to arrive at Cheeky Chums the online superstore exclusive  for tiny babies wear. All tiny sizes made for delicate skin in  soft cotton fabrics.clothes in trendy colours  for easy access incubator clothing eeny meey oh so tiny premature …Continue reading →

Early premature baby meeting babies special needs growing baby

Early premature baby meeting babies special needs growing baby As part of our Special needs week for premature babies this page has some great resource sites you can refer to,to assist in your premature baby’s learning, development and sensory exploration check them out just below Autism toys,special needs toys,cheap sensory toys,special needs toys,sensory warehouse,toys sensory development,sensory toys,fiber optics,sensory lights,special needs …Continue reading →

longterm care outcome premature babies Lung problems

longterm care outcome premature babies with Lung problems As our long term care outcomes for premature babies nears an end, today we look at problems that effect the LUNGS! A premature baby is more likely to have breathing or lung problems  due to being born premature.The earlier the delivery say under 33 weeks the more susceptible are these tiny premature …Continue reading →

long term care outcome poor muscle tone in premature babies

a look at the long term care prospects of poor muscle tone in premature babies The differences in premature babies born very early compared to a full term infant is high significant when it comes to muscle tone.In the very premature baby the baby was not in the womb long enough to have a cramped conditions were feet and arms …Continue reading →

long term outcomes premature baby at home on oxygen

Long term outcomes a premature baby at home on oxygen continuing our series of blog posts this week on the long term care outcomes for premature babies,today we look at the premature baby being sent home on oxygen. On rare occasions a premature baby will be sent home on oxygen assistance.You may be shocked at the thought of how can …Continue reading →

Vision problems ROP long term care for premature babies

Vision problems ROP long term care for premature babies As part of the long term care options for premature babies with special needs this week, today we look at vision impairment and ROP. For babies under 30 weeks ROP is routinely screened for as this age  babies are more at risk Of having severe eye problems.. In the past too …Continue reading →

IVH bleed in a premature babys brain long term outcome

today as part of our premature babies special needs looks at brain function after a brain bleed in the very early baby born premature. lets take a look more closely at brain bleeds in the premature baby. Why ? Babies of less than 30 weeks are more at risk of having a brain bleed or IVH  a bleeding into the …Continue reading →

premature baby special needs encouraging premature babies

premature baby special needs encouraging premature babies long term care when a premature baby is in special care the ideal day is when baby can finally come home.The best outcome if a premature baby that has had a stay in the Nicu is to to be free from infections no developmental problems and no special needs in the long term …Continue reading →

Help my premature baby has NEC what is NEC premature babies ?

Help my premature baby has NEC ! what is NEC premature babies ? Although quite rare NEC in premature babies effects the bowel and with infections it makes the premature baby feel very poorly indeed. Narcotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is a gastro-intestial disease affecting premature babies as they are looked after in the intensive care unit . It starts within 2 …Continue reading →

Discussing a twin pregnancy know how! premature twin babies

Discussing a twin pregnancy know how! twin babies when a mum finds out she is expecting a baby she is overjoyed. Finding out she is expecting twins can have one or 2 results help I’m expecting twins or yippee twin babies. The thing is there are lots to discuss when you are expecting baby twins. One make sure you have …Continue reading →

where can I buy very premature baby clothes

where can I Buy very premature baby clothes? 1.This UK based premature baby clothes store just got bigger and better for choices. 2.It has all you need in the sizes you need for baby’s weighing less than 1lb (250grams plus). 3.Bigger and Better choices galore at the premature baby clothes superstore.So much choice.various premature baby clothes departments are well stocked so …Continue reading →

premature baby development delays

Here are our top 6 tips to help you encourage your baby in his or her all round development without the need to buy specialist equipment. If your baby was born premature or tiny remember developmental progress can be delayed depending on how preterm they were for instance 6 weeks premature, 6 weeks delayed progress, 10 weeks born premature then …Continue reading →

Abortion of baby termination of pregnancy know how

Dear Cheeky Chms my boyfirend wants me to have an abortion does it hurt? So many sites on the net about abortions, but you want to know the real answers to the most important questions that can have an effect on you for many years to come should you be in a possition to abort your baby (end your pregnancy).here are …Continue reading →

Pregnancy Help 3 car seats which to use for my baby ?

Dear Cheeky Chums I’m pregnant and people keep giving me things for my new baby which car seat is best for baby, these are second hand and I’m not that keen on a second hand one.One is from a charity shop off a neighbour another my friend got free off Facebook and the other my step dad got it for …Continue reading →

Pregnant Girlfriend how to Be the best dad ever, great tips HERE

How Dad to be can be the best daddy in the world in just 7 easy steps. 1. Be involved right from the start that you find out your wife or partner is pregnant. Mums do generally know best but have an input. Ask questions before buying things for the baby. Get as much advice as you can from the …Continue reading →

Teen and pregnant 5 things you must do teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies ,I want a baby too just like you! Joanne looked at the huge bump of her best friend.She was 14 She thought it was cool because the baby ment she got extra money all to herself, she could give the baby cuddles.She could show her off to all her mates.She would be the center of attention. Or would she? Is being …Continue reading →

what sizes are prem baby clothes?

A few years ago Cheeky Chums baby clothing shop research and development team wanted to find premature baby clothes for a baby girl weighing 2lb 3oz. The ones found in the UK were massive. Arms too long in some cases, body widths way to wide. baby clothing was standard fitting by just a couple manufacturers still around in the uk …Continue reading →

pregnant at 20 weeks with a stillborn baby loss

When a pregnancy doesn’t go full term because of an early fatal demise, one question often asked is if my baby is 20 weeks gestation will the hospital keep my baby or can I plan a baby funeral instead. In the United Kingdom the answer is yes you can plan a funeral for any baby loss but you only get …Continue reading →

SALE and cheap premature baby clothes whoo! cool!

SALE and cheap premature baby clothes whoo! cool! hi all just a quick note which we forgot to mention yesterday huge savings to be made on premature baby clothes now on until 11th January 2013. don’t miss out one week winter sale . plus cheap premature baby clothes available too visit the superstore with choices galore now at What …Continue reading →

Help me! I’m a mum me and my baby are in Danger!

Help me! I’m a mum me and my baby are in Danger! Ask yourself do think this is happening to you or if you notice changes and think a friend is suffering. bully tactics… partner intimidates you shouts at you smashes household objects makes you feel small useless calls you names,you are ugly, you are too fat, too skinny or …Continue reading →

Get real,think, concider the real reason for having a baby

Get real, consider the real reason for having a baby. Today we are going to look at having a baby outside the norm.In a marriage or long term partnership a happy couple will have a baby to cement their love, and pass on the biological genes down the family line. Here’s is a look and a question to consider for …Continue reading →

premature baby discharged NICU neonatal nurses thankyou gift ideas

premature baby discharged, neonatal nurses thankyou gift ideas Many parents give flowers and chocolates to say thankyou to the neonatal nurses for all the care and well being that gave to their premature baby.What other ideas do you think they would appreciate, so they don’t gain too much weight on their breaks from eating all the goodies or chocolates . …Continue reading →

help me find premature baby clothing from uk

help me find premature baby clothing from uk       Cheeky Chums A premature baby clothing superstore in the uk now has an extended range for cheap premature baby clothing. A new basic range as been introduced, yet it does not compromise on quality.Baby grows now start from £5.99 excellent price and cotton hats start from £2.85, when a …Continue reading →

pregnancy abnormality is my baby at risk DOWN SYNDROME ?

pregnancy abnormality is my baby at risk WITH Down syndrome? Downs Syndrome Trisomy 21 (my child’s beautiful smile with trisomy 21 downs syndrome) Pregnancy screening for Downs Syndrome Your pregnancy ,Your choice. Did you know you can answer questions at your antenatal visits to give the consultants and midwife past history and heath conditions that run in the family,but you …Continue reading →

Invasive tests in pregnancy do I have to have tests can I say no!

Invasive tests in pregnancy do I have to have these tests can I say no? these tests are invasive and carry a risk of miscarriage.What do they involve? These are diagnostic tests that are performed to examine the chromosomes of the baby.Women in high risk pregnancies for Down’s syndrome could have a DNA blood test to detect these types of …Continue reading →

more pregnancy tests what do i need after positive result

more pregnancy tests what do i need after positive result? Well 3 positive home pregnancy tests reveal a positive result, now what? is there a reason for more tests in pregnancy ? or do you ignore advice and never see a doctor or midwife throughout the rest of your pregnancy? Lets take a look at what other tests may be …Continue reading →

Did Princess kate need a Hospital stay with her pregnancy

Did Princess kate need a Hospital stay with her pregnancy? Not long ago a relative who was heavily pregnant couldn’t keep anything down either food or drink.she ended up on a drip and it was so severe she ended up having 24 different lines inserted in to keep her alive. in normal a pregnancy with morning sickness you have some …Continue reading →

keeping premature babies warm over Winter once home

keeping premature babies warm over Winter once home from the Nicu. here are 5 warm outfit ideas to keep your tiny baby cosy yet not too over heated once he or she has been released from hospital. Velour baby grows for girls in Pinks whites boys shades in premature baby grows choose blues lemons creams shades a velour fabric is …Continue reading →

2nd trimester pregnancy baby growth baby born survive?

2nd trimester of pregnancy baby growth 16-20 weeks baby born survive? This week we are looking at your most popular questions on pregnancy week by week. The delivery of premature babies at different gestational ages and the possible  viability of these tiny babies. what is happening inside the womb for babies 16 – 20 weeks of pregnancy? Baby continuing to …Continue reading →

Pregnant belly growing baby in womb growth 13-16 weeks pregnancy

My Pregnant belly is growing baby in womb growth 13-16 weeks This week we are looking at your most popular questions on pregnancy week by week. The delivery of premature babies at different gestational ages and the possible  viability of these tiny babies. from 11-14 weeks mum to be usually has a first ultra sound scan to determine the date …Continue reading →

Amazing Pregnancy growing fetus in womb 8 -12 weeks

Amazing Pregnancy growing fetus in womb 8 -12 weeks As part of our pregnancy and premature babies viability week. today we look at the exciting growth of the baby in the womb has has now become the fetus stage from 8 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy. lets take a look at what happens to baby now its not at the …Continue reading →

pregnancy weeks baby in the womb embryo to fetus 0-8 weeks

baby in the womb embryo to fetus day 1 -8 weeks This week we are looking at your most popular questions on pregnancy week by week. The delivery of premature babies at different gestational ages and the viability of these tiny babies. In pregnancy once the egg has been fertilized the start of pregnancy has begun.From cell dividing,embryo development to …Continue reading →

I’m Pregnant follow my Pregnancy progress up to end May 2013

Hi all a new and exciting drama is about to enfold over the next coming months. One mums pregnancy progress from trying for a baby until she gives birth and we have been given full access to it. To give you the news as the pregnancy goes on. Due to the early stages of this lady’s pregnancy she has requested …Continue reading →

My world has collapsed my baby died family wont speak to me

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October. This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now As baby loss awareness draws to and end today we want to leave you with food for thought.As a baby …Continue reading →

I lost my baby whilst pregnant baby bereavement

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October. This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now. Dear Cheeky Chums I know you are a baby bereavement specialist for the smallest baby funeral clothes but do you …Continue reading →

my baby died at birth who can I talk to ?

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October. This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now. my baby died at birth who can I talk to ? If you stay at home and have the internet …Continue reading →

why babies die in the womb pregnancy loss

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October. This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now. 7 why some babies die in the womb after 12 weeks of pregnancy.causes of pregnancy loss Infections whilst mum is …Continue reading →

Miscarriage,fetal demise stillbirth what does it all mean?

Miscarriage,fetal demise stillbirth what does it all mean? This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October. This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now. Today we look at some of the terminology associated with a baby’s …Continue reading →

We will remember our baby loss mark my word!

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October. This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now. The title may seem harsh but for some families who have experienced a baby loss at sometime in either pregnancy …Continue reading →

Yeah I’m Pregnant Or Am I No morning sickness!

Hi Cheeky Chums Can I ask a question? I have just had 2 positive pregnancy tests and no morning sickness yet am I really pregnant. What you have to understand is urine pregnancies occasionally do not show up a positive pregnancy.A blood test can confirm it A urine pregnancy test that you buy off the chemist can show a positive …Continue reading →

premature baby sizes earlybaby clothes sizings

premature baby sizes earlybaby clothes sizings When buying newborn baby clothes sizes are not a problem.The clothes state inside NB or newborn and may also say weight up to 10lbs for UK manufactured  clothes. Premature baby sizes are different, uk stocks are hard to come by revealing a lot of items saying Prem inside the garment label or Preemie? But …Continue reading →

premature baby in Nicu a baby’s request

premature baby in Nicu a baby’s request How weird would it be if a baby could talk from birth. Lets take a look at what he or she may be saying if they could talk to you or one of the nursing staff on duty. Hey mum ,mum where are you this man yanked me from your tummy now im …Continue reading →

Top 5 essential items you need for your newborn

There are some many must have items these days for newborns it can be had to choose what you really need ready for when you bring home your bundle of joy. Here are 5 essential items you will need to buy ready for when your newborn arrives: Car Seat. This is a priority as you will need one of these …Continue reading →

all the stripes for premature baby babies clothes so cute!

latest stock arrived this week for premature babies clothes hot seller Trenybabe sold out but now replenished.Stripes are in this season for babies so even tiny ones too can be the smallest trend setter in the family. Cheeky Chums latest arrivals by Nanny Nicu are brightly coloured outfits made only for tiny babies.  benefits of these outfits are the minimum …Continue reading →

7 Amazing skills to teach your baby, babies learn

7 Amazing skills to teach your baby, babies learn easy Although babies are born with some primary reflex actions such as stepping,grasping,walking these are not permanent and soon disappear. It is up to you the parents and family members as you play with baby to help reach the baby developmental milestones.walking talking running etc all come over time during babies …Continue reading →

Newborns could soon receive Whooping cough vaccine

Due to the dramatic increase in the number of cases of whooping cough the UK has seen, the Department of Health are considering providing vaccinations for newborns to protect against it. This is one option that is being looked in to as the number of cases in England and Wales is already three times higher than for the whole of …Continue reading →

Premature Babies in NICU ICU SCBU Am I expecting too much

Premature Babies in NICU, ICU, or  SCBU Am I expecting too much? In this weeks news  headline it stated parents  don’t always realize how sick baby really is in the NICU ? Is this you ? Do you feel baby will be ok to come home at any time soon? Or are you scared to face up to a long …Continue reading →

Premature Baby FAQ

Here are the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions around premature labour and premature babies. What does ‘premature’ mean? Premature is when a baby is born before 37 weeks gestation. A normal pregnancy lasts from 37 – 42 weeks, where you are classed a going ‘full term’. The weeks are counted from the first day of your …Continue reading →

Top Of the Tots Autumn 2012 Premature babies in NICU or SCBU

Top Of the Tots for Autumn 2012 Premature babies in NICU Sheila at Cheeky Chums discusses how the new range of Autumn wear for premature babies will such a huge hit for parents and their families. What inspired you to bring out this range of premature baby wear? Its so hard to find something really cute unique and different to …Continue reading →

Moses baskets for baby all you need to know in 11 answers

Baby Moses baskets all you need to know in 11 answers there are many pros and cons to consider when choosing a Moses basket for your are some pitfalls first They can only be used for a few months as baby outgrows one easily approx 4 months old. wicker ones can have sharp edges that need repairing if handed …Continue reading →

Webcams in incubators allow parents to bond with their premature babies from home

A recent article in the Daily Mail talked about how in the USA they are using webcams in neonatal wards so parents can continue to bond with their premature newborns even when they are not on the wards. The article states that: at least 8 hospitals in the US have the webcam systems in place parents are able to log …Continue reading →

What to expect if you want to breast feed your premature baby

  You may or may not have decided to breast feed your baby before you gave birth but it is even more important to try and feed your premature baby yourself. Breast feeding will give your newborn the best start in life and  is easier for their tiny stomachs to tolerate. Breast milk will also help protect your prem baby from infections. Your …Continue reading →

Pregnancy excited take a trip to British Baby Shows Fair

Pregnancy excited ? take a trip to a British Baby Shows,Baby Fairs,Baby Product Exhibitions. baby shows are popular in the UK with new baby products being developed and introduced to the public for the first time, you can find the best range of pregnancy  baby and toddler related products on show and get expert advice before deciding which to buy. …Continue reading →

New milk bank for premature babies planned for Scotland

Soon premature babies across Scotland could be fed using milk from donor’s if plans go ahead for the first national milk bank there. Currently Scotland only has one milk bank which is held at Glasgow’s Yorkhill Hospital, but a growing number of health experts believe there should be more. They are saying that mother’s milk offers the best start for …Continue reading →

pregnancy I’M pregnant Scared of emergency C section will it hurt?

In pregnancy a c section can be performed for numerous reasons lets take a look VEWIER DESCRECTION ADVISED VIDEO  CLIPS GRAPHIC SCENES due to an emergency,multiple birth,elective c section.worry is common as you don’t know what to expect so watch this short video clip on all c section types for more valued information. more than 6500 viewers have seen it …Continue reading →

why is there a superstore for tiny premature babies ?

why is there a superstore for premature babies ? Cheeky Chums found the need to extend the range offered in premature baby clothes because so few shops catered for all you need in tiny baby sizes. Its all about giving families choice and lots of it in every area.Not only will you find every size imaginable stocked for premature babies …Continue reading →

first touch helping premature babies neonatal unit

We have a new fundraising initiative at First Touch. We are seeking a massive £50,000 to fund a new state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner. Neonatal Consultant, Dr Donovan Duffy, explains; ‘Ultrasound is a powerful tool in use on our neonatal unit each day. It is portable, readily available and safe. It does not involve radiation and does not require sedation. The main …Continue reading →

Orphanage takes onboard 3 tiny premature baby triplets

last week we heard of a plight to quickly help dress some tiny premature baby triplets that arrived unexpectedly at an orphanage in Tanzania called Neema House.Clare and the team will offer much needed support to the mum as she stays with them for the first few weeks after giving birth. We are busily trying to get orders made and …Continue reading →

Premature babies risk pregnant mum not eating or drinking

Dear Cheeky Chums I just thought you’d like to warn all the pregnant mums out there who have a high risk pregnancy not to take any chances that could damage their own health or that of their own baby. as one dad to be told us this week.. his wife who was a high risk pregnancy  was feeling off side …Continue reading →

pregnancy loss baby bereavement cards words sympathy

pregnancy loss baby bereavement cards words sympathy when you need to send an appropriate card to the family to acknowledge their sad loss,you’ll find it so difficult at your local shop to get the right one.  Most shop bought baby sympathy cards are not made for circumstances of baby loss in the early stages of pregnancy or stillbirth.The baby bereavement …Continue reading →

Home yippee rasing premature baby multiple babies

  Home yippee raising premature baby multiple babies. What next After the initial shock of having a scan in pregnancy revealing more than triplet babies. The chances are they may spend some time in the Nicu at birth as often multiple babies can be born premature. Sometimes babies may not be allowed home on the same day depending what needs they …Continue reading →

Spring has arrived for your Premature baby!

Spring has arrived for your Premature baby! Amazing new lines for spring babies in low birth weight sizes.Hurray something cute that fits tiny premature infants not just clothing that says prem on the label .sneak peak below,then click on an link to browse and buy these designer brands at the baby clothes superstore (dedicated just for premature babies).   click here to …Continue reading →

Would you Like better care for your premature baby?

Would you Like better care for your premature baby? A lot of families who have had a premature baby understand the hard work the dedicated staff do in keeping a close vigil to their tiny patients.Many want to become more involved as their baby is released from hospital following many anxious weeks or months.Some raise funds do sponsored events to aquire …Continue reading →

Planned induction for baby stillbirth struggling to find clothes

Planned induction baby stillbirth struggling to find clothes to fit baby? This blog post contains sensitive news about baby stillbirth if it may offend please press your back button now thankyou. In Early pregnancies that end with a planned induction because baby has passed away in the womb,  babies tiny do not usually have anything that mum has bought her …Continue reading →

Premature labour Preterm Births I need to Know now?

  Questions about Premature labour Preterm Births I need to Know now? What is a premature birth or preterm birth? if baby is born under 37 weeks into the pregnancy it is classed as a premature birth. premature labour can be slowed down and stopped for a few days or longer but the premature birth happens if the contractions cannot …Continue reading →

Did your prem baby born AT 32-35 weeks get RSV IN FIRST YEAR

Did your prem baby born AT 32-35 weeks gestation get RSV IN FIRST YEAR When premature babies are alllowed home from the hospital it can be a tough year fighting off infections avoid families that have a cold or cough etc they seem more prone to the slightest sniffle even. Was your premature baby poorly a lot in the first …Continue reading →

Enough is Enough lets help these premature babies!

Enough is Enough lets help these premature babies! As a premature baby clothes specialist store We like to keep in the know with the latest news on premature babies.With so many families helping to raise valuable funds for the premature baby, neonatal units throughout the Uk we  wish the government would step in to help them more too. Bliss charity …Continue reading →

premature baby in NICU will I not be able to breastfeed now!

premature baby in NICU will I not be able to breastfeed now ! When premature babies are in the NICU believe it or not breastmilk is like gold to premature babies. Providing valuable nutrients and antibodies.Some hospitals like to use donated breastmilk and you can express your own milk to be kept in the fridge for your own baby.SO yes …Continue reading →

Not just for tiny premature babies

I thought we would share some good news with you, that made us beam a smile of joy. If you have a tiny baby newborn clothes are way too big. You may want to keep a set as a keepsake as one family did for their little boy now age 9. He had a favourite toy which wore is own tiny …Continue reading →

free NICU care pack for parents of preemie premature babies

free NICU care pack for parents of preemie premature babies Preemie Support: Parents of micro-preemies can receive a free care package of goodies such as gift cards, preemie clothes, disposable cameras and more thanks to the generosity of Graham’s Foundation. The organization, founded by Jennifer and Nick Hall in 2009 in memory of their son, Graham’s Foundation currently delivers care …Continue reading →

miscarriage pregnancy at 12 weeks can you have late miscarriages

i lost baby in pregnancy at 12 weeks can you also have a late miscarriage? sometimes miscarriages are unexplainable but are most common under 12 weeks into pregnancy .This weeks news headlines told of one mums brave persistance and after 14 miscarriages and 2 other baby losses finally gave birth to a darling little girl. so lets look at a …Continue reading →

Can you get beautiful premature baby clothing online?

Can you get beautiful premature baby clothing online? Yes from the only UK superstore dedicated in providing the tiniest clothing in stunning colours, and in very low birth weight sizes. Never shopped online before ? no problem here are some comments taken from the website featuring families who purchased tiny premature baby clothing. Click on the thrilled customer above to read …Continue reading →

premature babies wow factor goodies for your baby

premature babies wow factor goodies for your baby. My how time passes so quickly its nearly march already and then April and wow Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore  have been in business then for 7 Years on the 24th. So to celebrate what goodies would you like  to see ? last year we featured a week of daily …Continue reading →

having a heart for premature babies

      My name is Manraj I am the Local Volunteer Champion for Bliss – the charity for sick and premature babies, a charity very close to my heart. Bliss exists to ensure that all babies born too soon, too small or too sick in theUKhave the best possible chance of survival and of reaching their full potential. We …Continue reading →

freezing temperatures to hit UK is your prem baby safe

freezing temperatures to hit UK is your prem baby safe? When baby is allowed home especially in the freezing temperatures it can be very tempting to over cloth them or wrap them up so tighly to stop them getting cold.BUT did you know that overheating in babies even vunerable premature babies is dangerous! read the notes here  so what type …Continue reading →

pregnancy scans should I be worried about them

As this months topic is pregnancy today’s focus is scans and are they something to worry about. As technology improves so does the closer up images scan details reveal. Before a scan you can be asked to drink a pint of fluid to give the a much clearer image of baby.You may find it uncomfortable as you shouldn’t empty your …Continue reading →

Am I mad should my pregnant body look like this?

This months topic covers pregnancy. today we look at how the body changes as baby grows in mums tum. frequent trips to the loo as the uterus presses on the bladder as baby grows inside. a glowing complection  yet at first skin may be blotchy as the hormones kick in . Stretch marks and there is no cream that can make …Continue reading →

Pregnancy signs and symptoms am I pregnant hints!

Pregnancy signs and symptoms pregnant hints! This month we are covering pregnancy, tests,high risk pregnancy and complications. Today we look at Signs and symptoms that give more than just a hint that you could be pregnant.If you suspect a pregnancy always consult your doctor for further confirmation and regular antenatal visits to keep a check on you and the baby.Ah …Continue reading →

is the 3rd trimester of pregnancy different from the 1st?

one question linked to this months blog topic is… Is the 3rd trimester of pregnancy different from the 1st? the answer is yes the 1st trimester is all about the pregnancy settling into the uterus the fertilized egg inplanting into the wall ,half the cells form the placenta the other half the embryo cell structure deviding, nerve endings to form …Continue reading →

Pregnancy testing is there a real need

This month we feature the topic of pregnancy and look at every aspect of being pregnant from tests needed and tests you dont body changes problems and complications. today we focus on pregnancy tests  Usually when a woman wants to be pregnant she eagerly gets a pregnancy test kit from the chemist.Some points to note  is a negative pregnancy test can …Continue reading →

A 5 top tips for a healthy start pregnancy to birth for 2012

Do you plan a pregnancy for this coming year then here are 5 tips A healthy start to pre-pregnancy to birth for 2012. if you and your partner plan to have a baby this year have you thought it through are you healthy enough? What can you do to improve your lifestyle for the sake of you and your baby …Continue reading →

where to find WINTER tiny premature baby clothing

where to find WINTER tiny premature baby clothing  open online for ordering 24/7 all over the festive holidays. Orders will be despatched when the Royal mail  postal service reopens on their selective days between 27-4th January 2011.Or why not telephone and collect yourself so you do not have any extra days to wait for your order and save valuable postage costs too. …Continue reading →

Help I have a high risk Pregnancy! Baby at risk

New projects for 2012 for Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore  is to fund some of the costs of a new British Association. Its B.A.B.I.S  The British Association For Babies Invetro That are Sick. Some associations are there to give advice on Abortions when a pregnancy is high risk or baby has some severe birth defect.There isnt much information …Continue reading →

preparation of induction stillborn baby loss

preparation of induction stillborn baby loss please note this blog post has sensitive information on baby loss if it is likely to cause any upset please press your back button now. A lot of mums are scared and worried at the thought of an induction to deliver a baby that has sadly passed away in the womb.known as a still …Continue reading →

Baby in womb with birth defect BULLIED to terminate!

  Baby in womb with birth defect BULLIED to terminate! THIS BLOG POST HAS SENSITIVE INFORMATION ON BABY LOSS IF IT IS LIKELY TO CAUSE OFFENCE PLEASE PRESS YOUR BACK BUTTON NOW! A while ago we want to give parents correct information on rules determing termination of pregnancies on medical issues. As we wanted to give you accurate information we …Continue reading →

Todays top premature baby news

This morning we reported via our twitter pages that the hospital at the centre of the Ecoli break effecting 2 premature babies which died was set to reopen. Following tonights news headlines a 3rd baby is said to have contracted the infection.What does this mean for the hospital’s reopening of the maternity and neonatal unit ? Cheeky Chums will bring you …Continue reading →

Whats new in premature baby wear something funky!

Whats new in premature baby wear something funky! Cute and cuddly for the coming festive season for premature baby girls and boys.     Rumble Tumble Robots  (Friday evening ) and Cookie Monster (off seasame street kids tv programme ) inspired clothing sets by Nanny Nicu, Lovable Ladybird for girls, Puppy Paws baby grow sets,Chuckleberry Circus,and Baby Zebras and much much …Continue reading →

Can a premature baby get ecoli

This year an outbreak of Ecoli spread in germany the cause was said to be salad vegetables which caused 16 deaths.So how much more so in premature babies whose tiny immune systems are weak and tonights Uk news headlines a maternity unit was on alert and closed due to an outbreak of ecoli killing 2 premature babies.The outbreak is thought …Continue reading →

Is there anywhere to get my premature baby some tights that fit

Is there anywhere to get my premature baby some tights that fit. Well the answer is yes its a pleasure to be able to recommend the widest range of premature baby tights the uk and an online superstore that stock all colours to match a little babys attire completely.Theres soft tights for premature babies, fancy tights for tiny babies,pastel shade …Continue reading →

losing baby at 23 weeks or less should there be a funeral

This blog post contains important and sensitive information which some readers may find distressing please press your back button now if it likely to cause you any  upset.  losing baby at 23 weeks or less should there be a funeral ? A question often asked so here is the information you need to help you decide. In the UK Any …Continue reading →

first time parents Do premature babies need checkups when home

Do premature babies need checkups when home ? All newborn babies in the uk receive visits from a midwife or heath visitor which gradually is decreases as a baby gets older.The health visitor is there to keep an eye on babys developmental progress. In the case of premature or preemie babies more visits may be necessary.There may be also trips to …Continue reading →

premature babies weighing between 1kg-3.5kg low birth weight

just a quick note to let you know some good news for premature babies weighing between 1kg-3.5kg. the superstore for premature baby wear has increased its sizing choices even further to include a new range in baby clothing  in KG featuring 1kg=2.2lbs,1.5kg= 2-3lb 2.0kg=3-4lb 2.5kg=4-5lb,3.0kg=5-6lb 3.5kg=6-8lb gorgeous soft fabrics,practical for incubator use in all three intensive care units and also precious …Continue reading →

Tiny newborns the premature baby

Today is prematurity awareness day.Tiny babies born under 37 weeks gestation are known as a premature baby or preemie baby. The Premature baby has different needs to a newborn due to the immaturity of the babies inner organs that would have matured fully if baby had stayed inside mums womb for a full 40 week pregnancy. Cheeky Chums recent tweets …Continue reading →

What size do I buy for a premature baby?

What size do I buy for a premature baby? When you buy baby clothes for a newborn or 3 month old baby the sizes say on the clothes from months or in cm on some designer baby wear.In other Countries it may say 00 or o but in the Uk premature baby clothes are usually marked 3-5lb 5-8lb or Preemie.Now …Continue reading →

new site dedicated for premiture multiples babies

Were you Pregnant with Twins? need Neonatal baby clothes,premature Twin babies clothes, Triplets Premature baby clothing? premature baby clothes for Quads including NICU wear,Pack sizes for MULTIPLE BABIES  all Tiny baby sizes 0-8lb.Shopping for Essentials begins on the newly completed additional site by Cheeky Chums.Need information on premature babies ? you can also scroll down to the footer of the page to equip you with …Continue reading →

Coats,Snowsuits,and something warm for premature baby

Coats,Snowsuits,and something warm for premature baby ideal gifts. choices galore at the Cheeky Chums store all types of coats and snowsuits just added  pick your favourite texture to keep your baby snug as a bug in a rug on trips out and about sizes 3-5lb and 5-8lb You’ll appreciate the vast array see them here for boys or see the girls …Continue reading →

Buzzy Buzzy Bees for Premature babies

Well for those of you who follow our blog posts you’ll notice less blog posts quite recently. That’s because we have been so buzy here at Cheeky Chums online(* the online superstore that caters just in premature baby clothes). there has been hardly any time left to catch up with daily blogs. But its all good news for mum needing …Continue reading →

Premature baby in intensive care unit Bood tests!

Blood test for a premature baby why ? When babies are unwell samples of blood will be taken to check for infection, anaemia, blood sugar, salt and jaundice levels.A blood sample obtained from a heel puncture is a useful and simple way of collecting a blood sample from a neonate. It can be used to monitor: Blood sugar levels Drug …Continue reading →

Is this a dum question on babies? says doubting mum

Are all mums perfect in the care of a newborn baby? does a mum have all the answers NO? you learn as you go on with childrearing some skills are inbuilt and sometimes you think should I being doing this  with my baby or giving my baby that and usually you ask your own mum family or friends first and …Continue reading →

1 baby then 2 babies twins Mariah Carey shows them off

yesterday we brought you news that Singer star Mariah Carey was set to release a photo at last of her baby twins to the big wide world. it has been quite a while since we brought you news of her twin babies and her gorgeous nursery had every item a baby could  ever need or want .now Mariah Carey’s twin babies …Continue reading →

For Premature baby twins Premature triplets,Quads + more

For Premature baby twins,triplets,quads and more an extened service provided by Cheeky Chums is at the moment being put together its will feature a website just for premature baby wear in multiple birth packs. All the essential baby wear items such as hats, socks,dummies and more all under one store. parents will still be able to choose something from the …Continue reading →

I lost my baby fetal demise baby loss awareness week

I lost my baby fetal demise baby loss awareness week. The statement no one wants to hear. This week is stillborn and baby loss awarenesss week this blog contains sensitive information relating to pregnancy loss if this blog post is likely to offend please press your back button now . FETAL DEMISE – A term used to describe fetal death …Continue reading →

my premature baby sister is in the NICU

2nd or 3rd child in a family is trying enough with a newborn aound too but Having a premature baby in the NICU can be a very stressful time for mums dads as well as younger siblings. How do you tell a child you cannot come out with you again and again as you visit the hospital to see your newly born …Continue reading →

FREE BABY COMPETITION Parents design a logo for tiny babies

Competition time for parents who are creative and love to draw! we are bringing out a new range of early/tiny premature baby clothes and we need your direct imput. Parents over the age of 18 can enter but it must be your own proven work. This free to enter competiotion willl show off your hidden talents all over the world. Design a logo and …Continue reading →

Pregnancy in Labour is your Newborn at risk of this infection

Group B strep in pregnancy.What is Group B strep ? Please sign this e-petition. its calling for every woman to be  routinely given accurate information about group B Streptococcus (group B Strep or GBS) during pregnancy at antenatal care; every low-risk woman is offered a sensitive test for GBS, ideally at 35-37 weeks of pregnancy; and every higher-risk woman is offered antibiotics in labour. …Continue reading →

My wife won’t let me help with our premature baby

Dear Cheeky Chums Im worried as my wife won’t let me become more involved with our premature baby? he is now in the SCBU ready for home this week and she has become overprotective making me scrub my hands all the time keeping the house clean at home and avoids me when I say ill stay you go home for …Continue reading →

can’t stop a premature birth premature babies born at 24weeks

can’t stop a premature birth premature babies born at 24weeks. coming soon a film called 24weekers   24weekers is an engaging and shocking drama set predominantly in the neonatal facility of a large city centre hospital in North West England.  It’s about women who are thrust into a very unique and extraordinary situation when their babies are born months earlier than expected.  The plot has beenwritten to operate across the entire spectrum of emotions felt …Continue reading →

Early Baby Loss 11 things you shouldn’t say to the parents

This blog post contains sensitive information about baby loss if it is likely to offend please press your back button now. prior to the 1970’s in the UK parents were told to move on and get over it when a family delivered a stillborn baby or suffered an early baby loss.It was and still is such a taboo subject that …Continue reading →

hvornår et barn har behov for særlig pleje

Por qué es que los bebés necesitan cuidados especiales? Los bebés de todas las edades en algún momento después del nacimiento necesita algún tipo de especial care.a las necesidades del recién nacido no biológicos detergentes para el lavado propios, porque tienen muy sensible skinYou molestaría usar un lufa para bebes scub atrás porque su manera también optar por rough.You bolas …Continue reading →

Remember,Remember end of September for tiny babies 0-8lb

Remember Remember end of September for tiny babies weighing 0-8lb. Sale Massive all week for tiny baby clothes starts on the 27th september at Cheeky Chums superstore for early babies clothes .What ever the size you can find it easily whatever item of tiny babies clothes you need its stocked here. last ordering day ends today at 9.00 pm then …Continue reading →

New for Autumn 2011 For Premature babies

Whats new just for you tiny baby SEPT-OCTOBER  2011 September more tiny baby teddies 3cm  NEW colour pink ARRIVED Mid September More GIRLS and  BOYS premature babies socks ARRIVED Friendly elephant funky coloured tie hats for boys 3-5lb   September closed week 16th-27th for annual stock take.  September 26th -29th 1/2 price goody week all items in star buy department will be …Continue reading →

HALT! don’t hunt for dolls clothes to fit early baby loss!

This blog post contains sensitive information on baby loss if it is likely to cause upset please press your back button now thankyou. So often an early baby that has passed away before or shortly after birth has nothing to wear to give them the precious dignity they deserve. You do not need to hunt on the net to find …Continue reading →

Teeny tiny baby wear early baby Store plus More!

Eeny meeny teeny tiny early baby Store plus More! whats the smallest  and cutest premature baby hat you have  ever seen? Did you know the premature  baby superstore  at Cheeky Chums has Amazing tiny baby sized hats starting  from 12 cm. When you need to triumph over hunting the net for early baby clothes that fit correctly what better shop that …Continue reading →

fetal abnormailities,stillborn baby loss infanticide legislation

if you have been following this weeks blog posts  we should have wrote one on autopsies and legal requiremenst unfortunatly the corronor didnt get back to us in time with the correct information so this will have to be put on hold until we hear back from them. In the meantime you can contact the charity ARC which have relevant …Continue reading →

dealing with devasting news baby died in the womb

a blog post containing sensitive information looking at baby loss in the womb. If it is like to cause offense please press your back button now.    dealing with devastating news baby died in the womb. How will you know in a first pregnancy that baby has passed away in the womb and how will you find out. when a …Continue reading →

Coming to terms preterm baby died in the womb

This blog post contains sensitive information looking at baby loss in the womb. If it is like to cause offence please press your back button now. As a Tiny baby bereavement specialist even we  don’t always know all. so its good to talk to parents who can give other mums comforting advice. if you are ever in a similar position of …Continue reading →

baby fashion for Autumn babies and premature babies under 1

Mums so love fashion and they also want it for their babies So what colours are out thats going to be a sure hit for wearing in Autumn – Winter 2011. Dark colours, Navys Reds,Greys for boys satin dresses for girls in shocking pinks and purples,Lime and pink is in and checked outfits. The premature baby clothes superstore has also …Continue reading →

where to buy premature baby nappies tiny baby nappies preemie diapers?

where to buy premature baby nappies tiny early baby nappies preemie diapers ? Cheeky Chums online premature baby clothes superstore has a new batch of sizes coming on thursday this week the premature baby nappies at Cheeky Chums will increase with the already brands of Snuggies and Something Precious baby bereavement nappies you can also buy premature baby nappies in …Continue reading →

Bliss Bill boards for premature babies

Bliss is a premature baby charity. They have a great website.Spreading the word about this valuable baby charity You can create yours too . Raising valuable funds to reasearch premture births for sick premature babies look at this BLISS BILLBOARDS as a parent, can imagine how distressing having a sick child can be. So rather than asking some ad agency to …Continue reading →

premature baby grandchild weighs between 3-5lb

Amazing new lines have just started to arrive for Autumn babies weighing between we have some gorgeous 4 piece outfits to delight any mum as  a new present for your grandchild.Over the moon cuteness with UNISEX  farmyard baby animal theme,a gift set comprising of baby-all-in-one made from 100% cotton so baby can sleep with ease.snuggly body vest, comfy heat …Continue reading →

premature baby loss stillborn babies loss campain

THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS UPSETTING NEWS ABOUT BABY LOSS IF IT IS LIKELY TO CAUSE OFFENCE PLEASE PRESS YOUR BACK BUTTON NOW mums especially want to get the law changed and feel it is only right that the parent or parents are given a birth certificate, a death certificate and a certificate of stillbirth. Why does this matter? Without a birth certificate …Continue reading →

Premature baby shop mobile friendly websites

Launched today you can now find Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore via our new mobile friendly website. an outline of what we do, and what we sell for premature babies. dare you put your mobile down for a day without use very addictive as they are.Isnt it funny if you dont get a text for more than an …Continue reading →

cute and cosy for premature baby 2-3lb in incubator

tonight we feature one of the latest baby clothes items for premature babies in incubators. These comfortable incubator clothes are really soft to the touch.Your baby will drift off to sleep easily wearing  one of these .A pleased nurse easy access, for nursing care needs. Buttons all the way round for monitor leads, wires and tubes. One happy mum, getting to …Continue reading →

Premature birth Premature baby risk pregnant with twins.

Premature Baby Risks when carrying multiples   Premature Baby Risks when carrying multiples. With more and more mums opting for IVF these days as a last resort to get pregnant the more babies that are implanted the risks increases of carrying multiples. 2 or more babies brings its own problems which can result in a Premature baby risk when carrying multiples. …Continue reading →

Am I a Bad first time mum to my newborn baby don’t know the answers?

Am I a Bad first time mum to my newborn baby! Every first time parent has to start somewhere when it coms to caring for a newborn baby with no experience what so ever. Being  a Full time mum doesn’t always come easily to every woman or young teen mum. lets take a look at some popular questions that get …Continue reading →

Baby in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit look at Staff Roles

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Staff Roles The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU is a specialist ward dealing with very young babies who have been born prematurely, or developed problems during or after birth. It can be a very daunting and scary place for new parents who instead of getting to welcome their newborn into their home, find themselves in …Continue reading →

unidad de cuidados intensivos del bebé en el cuidado neonatal UCIN

La unidad de cuidados intensivos, todo lo que necesita saber del bebé en la UCIN, ¿Cuál es la UCIN, los recién nacidos, Sicks recién nacidos en la UCIN, el bebé de Neonatología   La unidad neonatal de cuidados intensivos ¿Cuándo es que su bebé tendrá que ser atendidos aquí? Para los más enfermos de babies.One de cada diez bebés nacidos …Continue reading →

WOW Factor premature baby clothes superstore

What’s different about this baby clothes shop you may ask yourself ? Cheeky Chums carry one of Biggest and Widest Range of baby clothing and accessories online for a premature baby. Brightest Clothing Arrangements,Pleasing and likeable for early premature and tiny babies. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE.  You can expect Friendly personal assistance to help you with fittings,personal requirements,delivery details …Continue reading →

baby headstones for my stillborn baby help me find one

Baby headstones for my stillborn baby help me find one! As part of our baby bereavement services we offer occassionally we come across a valuable website that also helps parents find all they need at the unfortunate time the loss of a baby. Today we found a service that provides appropriate baby headstones/plaques etc  for any burial ground in the UK. They can …Continue reading →

pregnancy overdue terrified of membrane sweep

pregnancy overdue terrified of membrane sweep. In the case of a pregnancy going over due the doctor may advice you to have a membrane sweep. In other countries it is also known as membranes stripped,membrane stretch and sweep,cervical sweep. The procedure  involves the midwife or doctor placing a finger just inside the cervix and making a circular, sweeping movement.It  separates …Continue reading →

Fans shower Harper Beckham baby too many new baby gifts

Fans shower Harper Beckham baby too many new baby gifts. Gifts started to pour in as Posh Spice Victoria Beckham gave birth to baby harper a week ago via C Section. When this baby won’t want for anything what do you do with the massive amount of gifts from fans. Well She gave them to lots of charity shops.Over £6,000 …Continue reading →

find me 2-3lb tiny baby clothing please!

find me 2-3lb tiny baby clothing please! Today we look at the top 5 most asked questions asked and that  sets Cheeky Chums apart from other premature baby shops. What size clothes do you stock in premature baby  sizes ? 0-1/2lb,1/2 -1lb , 1-2lb,1-3lb, 2-3lb, 3-5lb, 5-8lb.sizes under 1pound also available for tiny baby bereavement and come in cm or inches …Continue reading →

baby Elephant premature babies clothes if your son weighs 5lb

You asked for it we provide it new line by Nanny Nicu premature baby clothes with Baby Elephant theme. baby sleepsuit,tie/knotted hat, and FREE socks with the most darling little elephant print and bobbles. so cute your baby boy will be the star attraction on the maternity unit with one very pleased mum. Only in sizes 5-8lb.Be quick click this …Continue reading →

premature baby clothes are getting even smaller

premature baby clothes are getting even smaller at the superstore dedicated in serving the tinest end of the market. Cheeky Chums will be bringing out more new sizes over the next couple of months.What does this mean for you? mums with premature babies can dress even the tinest prem baby in something cute,colourful and practical in incubators. Nicu nurses can …Continue reading →

Even celebrity stars have premature babies

premature babies are worrying for parents as their needs are so different to a full term baby.In todays news this morning another celebrity has given birth early to a premature baby. Danielle Lloyd gave birth 10 weeks early to a beautiful baby boy weighing 4lb 4 oz.depending on the level of special care needed at birth will mean a longer …Continue reading →

For the sake of a premature baby ditch the planned induction

premature baby Joshua delivered at 37 weeks Too posh to push? do not want to go full term? planning an induction because you do not want to have a tear by a vaginal birth. Think of the premature baby and ditch it unless of an emergency or complication with your own body. here are 5 important facts about premature babies …Continue reading →

practicality for preemie babies

Today we look at the best practical baby grows you should dress your preemie baby in whilst in an incubator. The most important thing you need to know is which of the  sleepsuits for premature babies are a waste of time for practically for use in an incubator. At the premature baby clothes superstore Cheeky Chums carry such an abundance or preemie sized baby …Continue reading →

fetal demise in womb premature baby still birth expected

No one can mentally prepare a mum to be for the loss of a baby inside the womb.(fetal demise) Baby will still have to be born in the cases of a 20-24 week fetus with a premature birth.Sometimes it happens naturally and other times an induction is necessary.  Mum can have family support around her when tiny little baby arrives.A …Continue reading →

baby in womb won’t make it at birth Do I have to have early induction

People may not like the blog posts we sometimes comment about being such taboo subjects talking about sick premature babies ,baby loss abortions etc but this evening I found out something that hospitals are doing that I could just cry about knowing this happens. I have worked with babies and children over 26 years.Understand how abortions are carried out but on discovering …Continue reading →

My message is Don’t ignore Me! Newborn Baby died at birth

This evening comes with sad news.For all the angel mummies out there trying to get across to people DON’T IGNORE ME!  When a mum gives birth to a beautiful baby boy or girl its such a joyful occassion. When it doesn’t go to plan and baby is born stillborn or dies shortly after birth  its different thing altogether. as a member …Continue reading →

baby food warning ALERT

IMPORTANT ALERT for all mum’s and dad’s Nestle is asking everyone to return all banana baby food expiring 2012, they may contain pieces of glass. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE for all mums and babies safety! bar code 7 6130330897 !!!

sneak peak new lines for premature babies

sneak peak new lines for premature babies. the superstore for premature babies just gets even bigger and better for variety in tiny baby sizes. A sneak peek at whats coming soon take  a look at the coloured buttons . To give you a clue to the beautiful brightly coloured fabrics  they will be available in click on any department above …Continue reading →

pregnancy worry is your baby kicking enough

 In pregnancy for a first time mum baby starts to  kick around 5 months into the pregnancy. In subsequent pregnancies mums can feel baby kick earlier.Its starts of as a fluttering in the stomach at first it may get missed as “oh its just wind”.  baby gains weight inside the womb and starts to grow more defined kicks can certainly be felt.As the …Continue reading →

out and about with baby top 11 baby activities 0-1 y

so Do you hate being stuck at home with a new baby?  here are some exciting activities you can attend, to give to a break from being stuck in.To meet other mums for a natter.involve baby in meeting other babies of the same age plus baby learns through play too. here are our top 5 recommendations for you. Local sure start …Continue reading →

thing words of comfort for poorly premature baby + parents

A few days ago we said we would let you know the outcome, of the First Touch premature baby charity awareness that Cheeky Chums had planned. We found out First touch The neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital cares for up to 600 sick and premature babies each year. It takes referrals from Kingston, Mayday, Epsom and St Helier Hospitals, …Continue reading →

whats up with him? – whooping cough

Baby’s can be highly affected by whooping cough as they are at risk from developing complications. Babies under the age of 1 will often need treatment in hospital, as it can cause significant damage to babies lungs as a result of this possibility they need a high level of medical support. Medical support a baby may need are ventilation to …Continue reading →

what is cystic fibrosis?

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the uk’s most common life threatening inherited diseases it affects over 9,000 people in the uk. if two carriers of cystic fibrosis have a child there is a 1 in 4 chance that their child will have the disease. Each week 5 babies are born with the disease. Cystic fibrosis affects the internal organs, especially …Continue reading →

What’s MRSA and can babies get it?

 MRSA virus is a form of bacteria from the staphylococcus aureus (SA) family of germs. People that carry the bacteria on their skin are considered to be ‘colonised’ rather than be ‘infected’ as the bacteria is merely on the surface of the body, but if it gets under the surface of the skins via a cut or through a wound an infection like …Continue reading →

help for premature baby charities

hi there today is just a quick note on the current premature baby charities Cheeky Chums are involved with. This week we are awaiting news on how we can now help with the  charity of First Touch.It  helps premature babies at St georges hospital in london uk.the neonatal intensive care unit gets support for babies families and the staff looking …Continue reading →

early baby bereavement questions draws to a close

This week we have been giving valuable information for parents and families in need. looking at the sensitive taboo subject of baby loss. today we close the questions with can you find clothes for an early baby loss?. The answer is yes a specialist site that has all you need to dress baby comfortably in for a final sleep. Babies …Continue reading →

Pregnancy loss at 19 weeks baby death hits mum hard

Worried My sister had a miscarriage at at 19 weeks and mom has shut everyone out ? Pregnancy loss Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now. please do not be afraid to ask!  This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog …Continue reading →

Can you take photographs of a stillborn baby in Uk

Can you take photographs of a stillborn baby in Uk Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now. please do not be afraid to ask!  This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk about such a taboo …Continue reading →

Tell me is a premature baby at risk of a stillbirth? answer

Tell me is a premature baby at risk of a stillbirth? answer… Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now. please do not be afraid to ask!  This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk …Continue reading →

What happens at a tiny baby’s funeral? Answer

What happens at a baby’s funeral? Answer Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now. please do not be afraid to ask!  This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk about such a taboo subject as baby …Continue reading →

Can a stillborn baby have a gravestone? answer

Can a stillborn baby have a gravestone? answer Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now. please do not be afraid to ask!  This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk about such a taboo subject …Continue reading →

When can I try for another baby after a fetal demise?

today we are answering your questions most asked on our search box.   Q 1 When can I try for another baby after a fetal demise? A 1 When you feel emotionally able to cope and after a normal period returns.Ask your self these questions and if you are unsure then wait a little longer.You do not want to put any …Continue reading →

baby loss worry stillborn baby, baby funeral I have a question?

Please note this blog post has sensitive news on baby loss if this may offend please press your back button now. please do not be afraid to ask!  This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk about such a taboo subject as baby loss. We are here to offer support …Continue reading →

so sweet fashion for babies weighing 1-3lb

Well the premature baby clothes superstore stocks such an abundance in the 3-5lb and 5-8lb sizes we thought adding more to the 1-2lb and 2-3lb sizes was next on our list so from tomorrow we have more variety for babies weighing between 1-3lb sneak peak includes double fronted baby grows, velour very tactile  sleepsuits and  some wrap over gowns expected …Continue reading →

Pregnant painrelief in labour the best one for you

Pregnant ? if you think there won’t any pain in labour forget it thats why its called labour because its hard work to get a baby out from a narrow gap.There are numerous ways available to you now than compared to  the 16th century when all a woman could do was bite on a rolled up piece of wet rag or a hard …Continue reading →

Giving birth natural what’s it like Gruesome?

In Pregnancy you hear so many stories about being stitched 20 times, how you can’t cope with the pain etc its enough to put someone off having kids for life. So what really happens during a normal delivery. is it Safe for baby ? watch this short clip  (graphic beware) and see for your self.

Nanny Nicu for premature babies in Incubators

Our sites and blogs focus on premature baby care.See how Nanny Nicu has been developed from scratch for premature babies in incubators and ready for home too. watch this short video clip you love these. To shop for them direct visit this link just below

Think i’ll have a baby teen pregnancy!

Thinking of having a baby yet still at school or college lets give you food for thought. If you think your boyfriend will stay by you think again many young men flee as soon as they are told the girl friend is pregnant so its just you to raise a baby. Why do you want to have a baby in …Continue reading →

premature baby in NICU mummy and daddy help too!

premature baby in NICU mummy and daddy can help too. Mummy and daddy can be involved in the care of a premature baby in the Nicu. Depending how poorly baby is doesn’t mean you cannot help at all or just to sit at the side and watch baby through the incubator and feeling lost like a spare part.Its much better for …Continue reading →

Premature baby loss poems baby funeral poems

At the sensitive request of families here are some tender peoms you can use for a baby funeral, baby condolance card or baby  funeral flowers card. Here is a hug and a loving kiss your precious baby will be greatly missed, we are here for you when you need us. You are in my/our thoughts and will always remembered goodnight dear …Continue reading →

PREGNANCY give birth private or NHS

When you are pregnant you want to know that you have done all you can to protect your baby from in the womb – to givng birth at the best hospital. Now that you can choose the hospital yourself in which to give birth, here  are some recommendations  to pick from wether private or NHS. Most widwives,some hospitals will tell you they …Continue reading →

help me find a premature baby dummy please!

help me find a premature baby dummy please ?  No problem just a quick note to say all premature baby dummies fully restocked now .the superstore for premature baby clothes has prembabies dummies from 28 weeks gestation plus.You can find dummies with a gap inserted making it also easier for baby to use the dummy at the same time Cpap. There …Continue reading →

when can a baby talk, baby making first sounds

Today we carry on with baby development 6-12months. Looking at Speech Language and communication in babies 6-12m. Baby can squeal in delight, giggle and scream in annoyance.can tolerate strangers but becoming more aware fom 7 months.ohhss ahhs increase these are the first sounds with a variety  increasing from now onwards from baba ba to dadadad up  to 12 months. Baby enjoys games with parents …Continue reading →

Growing Baby developing normally 6-12m Physical skills

Growing Baby developing normally 6-12m encouraging play the Physical skills. Physical skills for a baby aged between 6-12m include large motor and small motor skills development.You can’t just put baby in a pram or playpen all day whilst you have time to your self. These first 3 years are the most important learning time for a child In order to …Continue reading →

baby development 6-12m go on baby you can do it, milestones

As we have just finished looking at premature baby development and making a head start we thought we would carry on with the series looking at what your baby can be doing should be doing and will be doing from 6 months of age onwards tomorrow we look at the physical development of babies between 6-12 months and what you …Continue reading →

premature baby development Intellectual,language, Sensory skills

Today is the final instalment on premature baby development 0-6m. We look at providing your baby with enough stimuli to encourage Intellectual development.Introducing play activities to promote  baby to babble, talk, communicate. promote learning through the  5 sences which are Sight,Sound,Taste,Touch Smell. If a premature baby was born very early on say 23-28 weeks brain injuries causing any long term effects are not …Continue reading →

premature baby development Social and Emotional Skills

These next few days we shall carry on looking at development in the premature baby. As we have already covered physical skills,today we give you an insight into the Social and Emotional skills. A baby needs you the parents from day one to help him or her to reach those first early child developmental milestones. Social and Emotional skills. A newborn …Continue reading →

At what Cost baby loss graves vandalized

When a parent looses a baby its utterly devastating for them. They save  hard for a gravestone and gardewn fetures to create aloving settled resting make fond memories, as they pay a visit to the cemetary where the little one has been laid to rest its a place where the family can go and have a quite restful moment …Continue reading →

Premature baby development-PHYSICAL skills

Today we look at Premature baby development-PHYSICAL skills.Baby 0-6m (As a guide Always remember if your baby was  born 2 months premature then its normal development will only be reached 2 month later than a baby that went to full term. its very dangerous to compare the development of a premature baby to that of a friend of family’s baby …Continue reading →

premature baby development

After  phone call asking if we supplied baby toys specifically for premature babies I thought it would be a good week to look at what toys,equipment,games and activities  you can provide to help your baby develop the skills needed in order to reach the next learning milestone. Tomorrow we look at Physcial development encouraging large motor skills and small motor skills.As …Continue reading →

Miscarriage ! will I loose my baby like Kelly Brooks

In the news Kelly Brooks had a miscarriage when was published worldwide. As a celebrity is in the limelight it does have mums to be worrying if they too will have  a miscarriage. There have been a few celebrities quite recently who have lost their baby into the first -end part of the 2nd -3rd trimester. Stars such as Lily Allen,Amanda …Continue reading →

Give Birth Baby,Dad in Delivery suite a spare part!

Well dad to be you certainly will feel left out a little when the new baby arrives, you can be sitting visiting your wife in hospital after she has just given birth, then all her other visitors come in a Kiss for mum, A cuddle with baby, Flowers for mum, Balloons for baby. what about you dad well maybe a quick …Continue reading →

top 5 childrens books to make your toddler squeal with delight

I was at my grandaughters the other day hadn’t seen her in a while and she is just over 2 and half.Mum said read “Nanny Sheila that book Harriet”, I was very impressed as I Thought Oh great I can escape in a minute to go home and make my husbands tea, as I thought this will be  a quick book to …Continue reading →

premature babies despair no clothes for her to wear

On our facebook page yesterday one mum commented on how expensive she found dressing her baby from online premature baby shops.She found it so hard to find clothes to fit her. So today we thought we would show you where you can find premature babies clothes that fit, that there is a baby shop you can buy them from that …Continue reading →

Do Babies and Buses mix ?

I don’t know if you have ever experienced this but you go shopping with your baby or toddler, grab a few bags of shopping and push them along with the pram to the bus stop to go home.You wait for the bus leaving baby in the pram for as long as possible before the bus arrives then a mad panic …Continue reading →


I ‘m so upset the comments they said about my preemie baby

Insensitive Comments and Their Impact on Preemie Moms As we help each other in this online community, we also can help raise awareness about preemie parents and their children. By completing this survey, you can help shed light on a common issue — the impact of inappropriate and insensitive comments made about our preemie children — that is so rarely …Continue reading →


Giving birth to a stillborn premature baby

Sadly on a rare occasion a pregnancy does not have a live baby outcome .This is known as a stillborn baby or stillborn birth. This blog posts contains some sad and sensitive news, if it is likey to offend please press your back button now. For some mums a routine scan can be the only confirmation that baby has passed …Continue reading →


Don’t abort your baby if a genetic defect is known READ THIS

Don’t abort your baby if a genetic defect has been confirmed if they say that baby won’t survive long just after birth . This blog post contains sensitive information if its is likely to offend please press your back button now. Has one  brave lady prepares for the birth of hers knowing it wont live long after deliveryheres what she discovered.After lossing …Continue reading →


Kings and Queens of England, Royal babies ad500-1154

A look at Kings and Queens of England and their Royal babies. The Saxon kings including Cerdic of Wessex (519-534).The Saxons where said to originate from Germany.The religion of the Anglo saxons was celtic they believed in 4 gods until some started to get converted to the Christian faith. As A pagan ritual birth the father was definitely expected to …Continue reading →


i’m pregnant, i’m worried my baby will be premature?

A premature baby,  also known as preemie,  is born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Premature birth occurs 1 in 8 babies. Most mothers don’t know in advance that their baby is going to be born prematurely, so when it happens, it comes as a great shock, it’s not unusual some babies will always be born prematurely, Thanks to recent developments …Continue reading →


A miscarriage at 19 weeks,fetal demise

Please note this blog post contains sensitive information looking at miscarriages and some terminology used to describe a fetal demise and stillbirth.please press your back button now if it is likely to cause you any upset. A worring time for mums-to-be when they are first pregnant is the first 3 months. Its not just a old  wives tale not to tell any one …Continue reading →


premature birth,preterm delivery a new life

The safe delivery of a newborn baby is a cause for celebration.if the pregnancy ended up being a preterm delivery a new life even for  tiny babies is wonderful,there are many hurdles to a full recovery but seeing a little fighter in the NICU makes you stronger as a person as you really appreciate the smaller things in life we usually …Continue reading →


premature baby in NICU free competition

This week we are celebrating Cheeky Chums for premature babies being in business for 6 years. today is day 2 free to enter competitions for any one with a premature baby in the NICU.To win a Nanny Nicu outfit worth £19.99 this is what you have to do to win. Here is a  picture snap of an outfit stocked at …Continue reading →


A snuggle with mummy a nap, 1 dead Baby

After updating our twitter accounts this evenings with the most upto date baby news I felt it important to highlight a message that has been spread worldwide tonight. The importance of not sleeping with your newborn baby. Advice from health professionals changes all the time  such as not to feed your baby solids until 4 months then it went to …Continue reading →


Keeping your preemie baby cool in hot weather

How warm has it been today?.Have you ever got dressed only to find you go upstairs to get changed out of the hot clothes as its too hot.How much more for a preemie baby that cannot tell you its too hot.So lets give you some examples of what you can dress your baby in if a vest baby gro and …Continue reading →


premature baby overheating in the sun

hi all just a quick note please don’t panic about your tiny baby being too cold in the hot sun. If you are going out do not over dress your baby just because they are tiny. Dress in baby light clothes such as cotton,cotton rib or  poly cotton,Forget snowsuit type coats, use short jackets. Use sun hats mop hats,apply sensitive …Continue reading →


premature baby born over Easter

Just a quick note to say help is on the way if you need premature baby clothes.lots of cool refreshing clothes have just been added including hard to find sun hats and bonnets in a light polycotton fabric. Even though its easter Cheeky Chums the online superstore for premature baby clothes is still open for you to order 24 /7. …Continue reading →


teething – when cutting teeth really hurts

When a child is cutting there teeth this is not a quick process, from the gummy little grin to a mouthful of nashers it takes roughly 3 years to complete a childs whole set of teeth 20 of them, then about 3 years after that they fall out to make way for the adult teeth. When a baby is growing …Continue reading →


free gifts for mums of premature babies

Competitions galore at the premature baby clothes superstore. Week commencing 24th April 2011 is a celebration week not only for the Royal wedding, as Cheeky Chums online superstore aimed at premature babies celebrates its 6th year in business. To celebrate there is something extra special going on every day of the week. But YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT! …Continue reading →


Stillbirth,Stillbirth rates worst in UK

Today we report on some sad facts about stillborn births,(Stillbirth) At Cheeky Chums we emphasise the importance of getting antenatal care during pregnancy.Its important to take onboard advice from health professionals such as no smoking in pregnancy. There are also risk factors which can increase the risk of stillbirth. Smoking and drinking during pregnancy can increase susceptibility, as can being …Continue reading →


does my premature baby need a dummy

Many mums don’t want their baby to have a dummy so what about if baby is premature should you resort to giving your baby a dummy when they are in the Nicu lets take a look at the benefits. Early premature babies don’t have the natural sucking reflex that a full term newborn baby has A tiny baby that is …Continue reading →


stillborn baby clothes from 6 inches,stillbirth

An extended part of Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes superstore it has now re-opened the baby bereavement section of the website.   If this sad news is likely to offend you please press your back button now. Offering beautiful clothing for the sensitive issue when a premature baby or early gestation baby has sadly passed away. All the Staff are sensitive to the heartbreaking news of a death …Continue reading →


pregnant at 15,pregnant at 18, pregnant at 19 when?

a short view of how one young mum reveals what went through her mind before during and after getting pregnant as a teen. I hated my parents they never loved me oh how good it wasto be with my boyfriend.i wanted to escape this prison of unhappiness and be in wedded bliss!lets have a baby in a hurry to get a house …Continue reading →


where to find tiny premature baby clothes easily

When a newborn baby weighs over 8lb newborn or 0-3month clothes fit easily but what about babies born under 6lb weighing 1-2lb ,2-3lb, 3-5lb for instance ? then it becomes much harder especiallly for practical clothes suitable for incubator wear when light weight clothes are needed. Thats where it gets better for mums hunting and searching to no avail.its all …Continue reading →


Do you actually love your child?

To Love a child unconditionally is an important feature for a parent. No matter what happens, good or bad, when a parent loves their child unconditionally, they forgive and forget any troubles that might arise. Learn how to develop unconditional love for your child. physical contact, eye contact, discipline and focused attention will help the child feel the love for …Continue reading →


Where can I find nice premature baby clothes worldwide

When a baby is born premature also known as a preemie often clothes from the hospital are used because there arn’t many nice ones in the tinest sizes elsewhere.Why should you have to make do using clothes reused over and over again by many different babies especially when strict hygiene is of the essence this is your baby your pride …Continue reading →


help my child is not breathing properly

Bronchiolitis   A common illness of the respiratory tract it is most common in infants and young children usually in the first 2 years of life but with the strongest occurrence between 3-6months of age. Due to their airways being smaller which in effect can get blocked a lot easier than older kids or adult, Bronchiolitis is caused by an …Continue reading →


mum with premature baby ‘don’t egnore me’

Knowing a couple that have just had a premature baby can be a worrying time, you feel concerned but also worried of what to say just in case you say the wrong thing, ring at the wrong time if the new parents are resting, upset or the baby is having a few problems, it’s a very difficult and confusing time …Continue reading →


pregnancy – When weeing hurts you!

Urinary Tract Infections   UTI’s are common in pregnant women symptoms can be , frequent urination, painful urination or burning sensation when urinating, difficulty to urinate, cloudy urine and urine with an unusual odour. these can mean infection in a few parts of the body, bladder, kidneys urethra or uretha. pregnant women are at high risk to these infections due …Continue reading →


premature baby 23 weeks live or let die

premature baby 23 weeks live or let die. With cut backs in every government departments, will cuting costs mean cutting back on baby’s lives.This weeks news featured a doctor’s statement saying money should be better spent on cancer victims rather than extreemly sick premature babies. parents and families we have to protect little babies, Fight back! any baby has a …Continue reading →


prematur födsel föräldrarnas roll med en Prem barn i NICU

tidigt födda barn födelse klibbar ihop som en familj. 1.If mamma är för dåligt för att ta bilder efter barnet är vispas iväg till intensivvårdsavdelningen. Skaffa pappa eller en sjuksköterska att göra det åt dig, kom ihåg att tar massor av baby-bilder i NICU Inte bara för att skatten baby minnen från dag ett, men för att hålla din uppmärksamhet …Continue reading →


baby shop shanklin with unique premature baby clothes

A Baby shop in Shanklin Isle of White Little Nippers now stocks an amazing range of premature baby clothes.Brightly coloured,unique styles and the tinest essentials that you will find hard to locate elsewhere.Cheeky Chums are happy to provide Little Nippers in Shanklin Isle of White  premature baby gifts for your tiny baby.     Great for local mums exploring the shops.Little Nippers also stock …Continue reading →


premature baby and low birth weights

No matter how you look after yourself during pregnancy your baby can arrive earlier than expected. In the case that you are preparing your hospital bag put in a couple or at least one set in premature baby sizes. At least towards your 3rd trimester choose an outfit in size 5-8lbs.The average weight of a baby is 7.5lbs so these …Continue reading →


My wifes pregnancy cravings make me sick

When a wife is pregnant the partner or husband is usually the one to suffer. 2 am in the morning hunting around a 24hr supermarket to satisfy the wifes pregnancy cravings.I remember way back my husband had to drive 8 mile away to a specific corner shop, just to get ice cold cans of Lilt that were kept in a fridge.If …Continue reading →


whats new for you premature baby ?

New baby clothes are so cute and in plentiful supply for a newborn baby. At Cheeky Chums they make sure premature babies do not get a raw deal when it comes to fashion and choices for tiny baby sized baby clothes. New lines are added each week.The latest arrivals to hit the shelves today are SNOOPY BLUE in 5-8lb. Adorable dungaree sets …Continue reading →


mama heeft wow factor verrassing voor haar te vroeg geboren baby

Felgekleurde, handgemaakte kleine babykleertjes Ontworpen door kenners van hun baby met de directe input van neonatale verplegend personeel. Maten van premature baby’s onderzocht op de maten van deze baby kleding te krijgen net right.Made gemakkelijker te maken voor de dressing en draden, buizen en eventuele leidt tot schroefdraad door middel van eenvoudig in de SCBU.   Door Dressing je baby …Continue reading →


premature baby delayed development

You dont have to worry about buying any special equipment if your baby came out of hospital not needing any specialist support, but for your peace of mind you can gently encourage your baby to reach each milestone with some extra care,and with no pressure playtimes that will strengthen each of your baby’s body parts and encourage full sensory development. for instance 6 …Continue reading →


routine at home with your premature baby

First things first when baby is finally home with you from the special care baby unit, get into a routine baby will sleep alot at first as with any newborn baby and remember a tiny baby will drink little and often due to such a tiny stomach he or she may have so dont rush things trying to keep up …Continue reading →


Home at last with a premature baby

Baby is allowed home from the SCBU,Hurray you are finally on your way home with your premature baby. You may be apprehensive  that your baby is finally fully in your care, it will take a few weeks of settling in at home.This week we look at premature baby development and what play activities you can do with your baby to help …Continue reading →


bambino prematuro vestito per impressionare mamma entusiasta di pezzi

Non sarebbe bene per fermare l’attesa in lunghe code di cassa, di prendere il vostro tempo prezioso. Come è fatto male quando si è in attesa di essere servito in un negozio chiedendo un assistente hai questa dimensione e di sentirsi dire di no! quello che frustrazione! Dove altro si può andare?  in modo da chiedere in un altro shop.Whats …Continue reading →


what can i buy my premature grandaughter in an incubator ?

When a baby is born premaure and the newborn clothes are overpowering in size from mums hospital bag what could you buy as a grandparent to meet your baby grandaughter’s  clothing needs. In an incubator the baby has warmth and fully dressing is not always needed, until baby is in the special care baby unit instead of the NICU or …Continue reading →


Adorável, amável, coloridas roupas de bebê prematuro

Colorido, roupas de bebê feito à mão bebezinho Desenvolvido por especialistas com a participação direta do enfermeiro neonatal. Tamanhos das crianças investigadas, a fim de obter o tamanho da roupa do bebê apenas para facilitar right.Made vestir e fios, tubos, e cada thread executa simples SCBU. Sinta-se a vestir seu bebê com a roupa do bebê que você escolheu para …Continue reading →


pregnancy – are you and your unborn child at risk?

Pre-eclampsia   Pre-eclampsia can make expectant mothers develop high blood pressure even though the expectant mother may not have had any symptoms or risk factor before becoming pregnant. pre-eclampsia often occurs late in pregnancy all though it is unknown of the exact cause of pre-eclampsia it is thought to be a problem regarding the placenta. Expectant mothers need to be …Continue reading →


safe delivery of a premature baby

When can a baby be delivered that is likely to survive? one in nine babies are born premature or sick in the UK.Babies from 24 weeks gestation can be born safely but its strength and other factors come into play for such very tiny babies and the survival rate. An adult has had a lifetime to build up  a stong …Continue reading →


4 Common illnesses in pregnancy

As this week we are carrying on our information of the 4 most common illnesses in pregnancy and the topic of today is Gestational Diabetes, this usually occurs to an expectant mother anywhere half way between the second trimester, it is not a permanent illness and it disappears after the birth of the baby. symptoms of gestational diabetes is similar to …Continue reading →


4 common pregnancy illnesses

This week we feature The 4 most common illnesses in pregnancy these are, Anemia, Gestational Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia and Urinary Tract Infections (ITD’s) there is no cure for these pregnancy illnesses but they do tend to disappear after the birth of the child, the illnesses can be very worrying for an expectant mother. The more knowledge that an expectant mother has about the …Continue reading →


I’m fed Up I can’t find a suitable premature baby gift

Oh when it comes to shopping for newborn babies its brill especially for the first time grandparents. You want to spoil them to pieces don’t you? It doesn’t matter what it cost, you want them to be the best dressed baby in town isn’t it true? So how hard can it be to find a suitable premature baby gift ? …Continue reading →


premature baby in NICU avoiding infection

If your premature baby is in the NICU the staff and parents take every precautions in avoiding infections in the NICU but these of course cannot be illiminated fully just by handwashing alone. Sometimes infections are viral fungal or caused by direct lines leads etc attached to a babys body. After days,weeks and finally being able to come home the worst may …Continue reading →


Baby Business Booming Mum

A Bored mum with 3 children all at school prompted her to go and become  a self employed mum with a baby business. As her daughter works for us At Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore here is the advice we gave her in setting up a baby business. Q1. I think ill sell baby clothes is that a good …Continue reading →


This baby cup, when only a mum will understand

Isnt it great when baby is learning to take sips from a cup and it doesnt spill everywhere? What ! your baby’s cup does spill oh well only a  mum will understand There is nothing worse when that happens. Time is short you are in a hurry and you have to stop what you are doing to clean up the spill. One mum …Continue reading →


Ready to feed baby solids

Feeding a baby solids is not just about giving your baby nutrients, it is a brilliant way to interact and connect with your child. It helps the child build loving relationships and bonding with parents aswell as other family members that baby maybe unsure about or not quiet use to, its good for daddy if being in work most the time and when family/friends come round …Continue reading →


Nervous MUM with Premature twins product success

My name is Lauren Margulies, and I am the founder of Touchy Tags,  I developed Touchy Tags after the premature birth of my twins.  After six weeks in the NICU, I was ready to bring them to the outside world, but I knew I was their last line of defense against germs, which would be dangerous to their immature …Continue reading →


Pregnancy,Birth yippee at last I’m pregnant!

Pregnancy,Birth yippee at last I’m pregnant! If pregnancy seemed to take forever and a day wow to be told its a possitive pregnancy test, you will so filled with joy and want to tell your mum, best friend and all the family once you have passed the 3 months (first trimester} so where do you look online to see what …Continue reading →


pregnant mum-to-be facebook addict

if you are pregnant and a mum to be due in next 6 months we found just the job for you add these applications and join these faceboook groups. BirthWatch is a pregnancy countdown ticker. It will publish updates to your friends with the developments a typical pregnancy experiences in your current gestational week.!/apps/application.php?id=169565995889 next theres!/TwinPregnancyAndBeyond for a twin …Continue reading →


New Grandparent helping mum get tiny clothes to fit baby

So Mums pregnancy ended early ,mums still on the maternity unit dad is busy running back and forth to the hospital so that leaves you to rush around to get baby smaller sized baby clothes.The ones in mums pregnancy bag for the hospital  are newborn + and are way too big. Where do you go when the high street only …Continue reading →


A Premature baby girls dream come true

A Premature baby girl dreams in the NICU. Dream baby Dream! Emily awoke from her NICU incubator cot wondering if it was in deed all just a dream…. she entered the big wide world weighing only 2lb and mummy wanted to dress her in something nice.As she picked up each item of clothing from her suitcase she realized All her newborn …Continue reading →


Newborn baby home, who’s the boss MUM or GRANDMA

Newborn baby home from maternity unit so who’s the boss MUM or GRANDMA. A new grandparent can be a good source of help when the right advice and enough support is given.However many families fall out because what a grandma forgets is that its not her newborn baby but that its only a grandchild. Lets look at how some overhelping hands from an …Continue reading →


Baby in Special Care preparing 4 HomeTime

Baby in Special Care preparing 4 HomeTime are you really ready? Your precious premature Baby has been looked after in the special care baby units for weeks, then suddenly out of the blue consultant says all clear baby can go home tomorrow are you prepared. lets help you along the way with a little checklist to bear in mind. Is …Continue reading →


premature baby reaching each milestone

premature baby reaching each milestone is one step closer to coming home from the special care baby unit. Depending on how poorly your baby is at birth will determine whta care needs he or she has in the NICU the early the baby arrival the more critical of care they will need. Its important to face each hurdle hour by …Continue reading →


whats new premature baby weighing 2lb

A quick glimpse over at a nurse sitting in a chair feeding a premature baby weighing just over 2lb, as we wait for the consult to come and see us about my nephew in the NICU.What was so special an amazing was the fact that she had tiny clothes on. You will find it hard to locate 2-3lb baby wear on the high …Continue reading →


premature baby news 2011

premature baby news 2011. whats happening at the Premature baby clothes superstore. New lines by new manufactuers will be added over the next few months. More Nanny Nicu clothing sets these are incubator friendly will feature more smaller sizes.Cute clothes for premature babies ready for wearing layers. Midwife marion will be joining our team on our other main blog site …Continue reading →


ABORTION 21 week Baby born Alive !

learn how an ABORTION at 21 weeks gestation can result in a  Baby born Alive and kicking ! After reading This controversial blog post you may never want to read another blog post from our site. We understand this as this difficult topic today is very distressing but factual .It is not often spoken about,Its  is not something you want to …Continue reading →

They took my fetus 12-15 weeks gestation.

After reading This controversial blog post you may never want to read another blog post from our site. We understand this as this difficult topic today is very distressing but factual .It is not often spoken about,Its  is not something you want to think about, you may not want to tackle or come to terms with it in the real world. It does …Continue reading →

Id better get rid of this baby growing inside me

After reading todays blog post you may never want to read another blog post from our site. We understand this as this difficult topic today is very distressing but factual .It is not often spoken about,Its  is not something you want to think about, you may not want to tackle or come to terms with it in the real world. It does happen …Continue reading →

Abortion,Abortions in uk is there a safe way out

Need an Abortion,Abortions in uk is there a pain free way out for the ending of  a pregnancy ? This week we look at the indepth procedures of Abortions. The following sites this week covering abortions in the uk will tear you apart one way or another .You will either be happy to go ahead with an abortion or It will put you off …Continue reading →

Abandoned newborn baby death imminent

Abandoned newborn baby death imminent but in some cases babies are found just in the nick of time. What drastic measures new mums are finding themselves in to resort to dumping a baby. Babies left in toilets,left on church door steps mums hoping they would be found.Not all mums are found when a baby is left shortly after giving birth.police make …Continue reading →

Eastenders newborn baby death hits home

Eastenders newborn baby death is to be featured on New Years eve. The sensitive story line has been fully researched to bring to light the tragic loss of a newborn baby.Foundation for the Study of Infant Death to made sure the cast were fully informed to make sure the risk factors , bereavement and the involvement of health professionals and the …Continue reading →

premature birth over christmas

premature birth over the Christmas holidays for mum to be If your baby arrives early over the Christmas period, Cheeky Chums wanted to make sure you knew just where to go for all you need in the tiny sized premature baby clothes. Snow can hem you in so you may find it difficult to nip to the shops thats where easy ordering comes …Continue reading →

baby temperate soars risk of SIDS in winter?

It’s important to make sure your baby nice and snug to be warm this winter, But it’s also important to know when  coats and blankets should come off otherwise the child would be overheated and won’t feel the benefit of them when its time to take a trip out. Small babies are not able to regulate their own body heat like we can. a baby doesn’t …Continue reading →

wife pregnant,Dad’s have pregnancy worries too

Is your wife pregnant,dads have pregnancy worries too look.   MY wife is pregnant for the first time we have been desperate for the last 2 years for her to get pregnant.I dont want her drinking or taking medicines am I being too sensitive what should we be worried about now thats she is 6 weeks pregnant? 1. Tell her to take folic …Continue reading →

Pregnancy,pregnant a newborn health at risk

Pregnancy,how pregnant women can put a newborn baby’s health at risk. 1. Quit SMOKING.. you may have heard it all before but your newborn can be born of a low birth weight called small for dates causing problems with the placenta having a diminished capacity to transport oxygen and nutrients to the unborn baby. asthma problems may develop with your baby later …Continue reading →

I’m Pregnant,pregnancy,symptoms myths and facts

 I am Pregnant ? Please Tell Me I ‘m Expecting A Baby,pregnancy Know the myths and facts! TRUE 1. A  pregnancy test kit that shows possitve can never be a negative but a negative can sometimes mean a possitive. TRUE 2.Confirmation of a pregnancy via a blood test at the hospital, reveals homones which are secreted during a pregnancy. There are two …Continue reading →

Pregnant,a pregnancy week of blogs just for you

Pregnant,a pregnancy week of blogs just for you. Pick up tips learn something new, ideal for mums to be follow us soon. All this week we shall be looking in depth at pregnancy, Pregnant for the first time then share your most worrying questions by leaving a comment and our team of Early years experts At Cheeky Chums will give …Continue reading →

Premature baby loss babies in limbo!

For a premature baby loss you no longer have to have a cremation. Cheeky Chums are sensitive to the needs of parents at the time of their loss.A baby bereavement section was added a few years ago to our main webasite for premature babies.the baby berevement section is aimed to help make the passing of a premature baby loss more comforting to the …Continue reading →

Tiny Baby Clothes search just got easier for early arrivals

Tiny Baby Clothes search just got easier for early arrivals. grandparents looking for a gift for a new grandchild but in tiny baby sizes is often difficult especially for a tiny baby weighing 1pound or 2pound. Babies this small will be looked after in the first instance in a NICU unit. Babies in incubators have different needs to that of a newborn baby thats …Continue reading →

shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation

A shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation you need to be aware of just in case baby arrives early. As your go into  premature labour You may only get a quick glimpse of your baby due to health problems premature may babies have immediately after delivery. This could mean you won’t get to take a better look of your newborn until baby …Continue reading →

baby in icu mum dresses premature baby easily

Mum dresses her premature baby easily when baby wears these Nanny Nicu ICU clothes. learn how these differ to normal premature baby clothes by reading on… Nanny Nicu specialist Baby Clothes sizes 1-12lb for NICU,HDU, SCBU and home HT. Unique premature baby and tiny baby clothing sets by Nanny Nicu. Designed by baby specialists with the direct input of neonatal nursing staff. created especially …Continue reading →

where to find tiny premature baby tights in winter

Tiny babies need tights too,especially in the colder winter months.  Cheeky Chums not only have a more realistic size of premature baby tights that fits premature babies but the colours come in the most delicous pastel shades too. There is nothing worse than wanting clothes that match yet not being able to find an accessory to co-ordinate too. Snuggies now …Continue reading →

premature baby dresses for winter festivities

Gorgeous new lines have started to arrive at Cheeky Chums the superstore for premature babies.Baby pink dresses with a hint of liqourice. These are a 3 piece outfit comprising of soft cotton dress,nice and stretchy lovely and warm too.matching headband with a little bow for cosy toes with a hint of liqourice black with a ribbon bow.ALL tiny baby …Continue reading →

The warmer factor for premature babies less than 5lb

Coming soon another new premature baby product. “NICU Smoothies” Winter Warmer Vests  by Nanny Nicu ™. keeping the tiny babies warm this upcoming winter. Specially created for the premature baby that is not ready for wearing layers. 100% cotton, smoother finished edges around sensitive area’s such as neck and bottom.Design copyright to Cheeky Chums.  Manufactured especially for the delicate early baby who’s skin is extra …Continue reading →

Catching up to the Duggers family

You may have heard about the Dugger family who had a another baby making the count to a total of 19 kids and counting.In the popular TV programme which follows this family’s progress you may have come across some christian friends of theirs known as The Bates.The Bates have now got  a total of 18 kids and counting just one behind …Continue reading →

premature babies needn’t go without

Premature babies needn’t go without a jam packed wardorbe full of nice clothes, cute design that actually fit premature babies.You need premature babies clothing without the size over powering a tiny slimmer body. 5 facts you may not know about Cheeky Chums for premature babies. Did you know there is an online superstore that’s dedicated just for premature babies. Cheeky Chums …Continue reading →

Premature baby Loss,Now I can’t Cope being pregnant

Premature baby loss  you can cope if you fall pregnant again ?  This is how we adviced parents in a similar position. Q.1 Dear Cheeky Chums My best friend lost her baby 9 months ago she was 21 weeks gestation.Now she is pregnant again and doesn’t Know if she can cope ,she is terrified of going for her first antenatal visit and keeps putting …Continue reading →

how soon should you go back to work after a baby

How soon should you go back to work after giving birth to a baby.A couple of days ago celebrity star Celine Dion gave birth to twins she is due to do a star studdied performance as she goes back to work in March 2011. Celebrity star Dannii Minogue recently went back to work on the X factor tv show, a …Continue reading →


WINTER FOOTWEAR for premature babies

As the weather becomes colder You hunt the high streets for the cosiest,warm winter footwear for yourself don’t you ?. At Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore they stock the widest range of premature baby socks in the world. In the Hot summer months you will find light weight ankles socks and such like. This Autumn more lines have been added to …Continue reading →

baby blues and PND any new mum can get it

Baby blues is that a range of baby wear NO!  PND is that some medication mums take to stop their milk flowing NO! lets take a look at them both read the full in depth article written by Sarah one of the top nursery nurses at Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore. READ IT HERE visit the superstore here …Continue reading →

I can’t cope with my newborn baby!

Sofia gave birth 3 weeks ago.Her mums lives a few miles away and has always said she would be there is she ever needed her.The trouble is Sofia saw how she was with her elder sister’s baby and vowed it would do her head in if mum ever tried to interfere with her own newborn baby’s upbringing. Her husband john …Continue reading →

mum at home with newborn devastation

Well you have just given birth and are home with baby. The birth you wanted didnt happen and you ended up with a ceasarian section.Third day at home and you feel as fit as a fiddle on the outside.Its on the inside that you cannot see as your body needs healing inside which takes longer than a small scar on …Continue reading →

birth of a baby problems can escalate

This week we look at the birth of a baby and the problems that can get out of hand if not sorted as soon as. One area we shall be looking at is post natal depression. check back every day this week for more news on this blog top parenting skills for mums with a newborn.Areas covered will be baby …Continue reading →

Pregnancy,BEST pregnancy week by week sites

Concider a Pregnancy from start to finish. Many mums wonder what’s going to happen as a body starts to change from signs of the first missed period until giving birth. Changes in a  pregnancy can be noticed week by week but where do you go to get relevant information on the internet with so many sites covering this topic for a pregnant …Continue reading →

30 weeks pregnancy hang on in there baby

30 weeks pregnant will baby  be born too soon? The third trimester and boy are you sick of everyone asking you when are you due as the last few weeks approaches many high risk mums can end up giving birth prematurely so lets take a look at a 30 week pregnancy. What does your baby weigh inside around this 30 weeks …Continue reading →

french flight strike trauma for babies n kids

Back in the uk from the canary islands last night. What a nightmare during the french air strikes.Plus Easy Jet have a lot to answer for amid the chaos. returning home on the 4 hour flight back from Fuerteventura.Poor babies and kids close to tears I’ll let the world know how the babies and children were treated during the hot …Continue reading →

a new look at the premature baby clothes superstore

when you take a short break in the sun away from work you find your brain starts a fresh. To give our customers a better service we feel its important staff aquire new knowledge and skills as part of the continued staff development programme,ideas come flooding in and  a  new look is forthcoming soon at the  premature baby superstore.We shall be …Continue reading →

Premature Baby Clothes & Assessories,dedicated babyshop online

Premature baby clothes and assessories can be hard to come by especially in the micro preemie baby sizes.The premature baby shop online that  became a superstore is dedicated just for premature babies.Qualified Baby experts run the online store.The superstore selling premature and neonatal baby clothes enusures maximum choice is provided to ensure no parent goes away empty handed. Parents can shop …Continue reading →

VAT increase for new mums with a baby on the way

In 2011 VAT increases.How does this effect new mums with a baby on the way.High interest rates and higher unemployment.Buy items in the sales.The good news is that so far there is no VAT on baby clothes as it is 0 rated .It was up for review which would have put even more strain on the economy and families raising young …Continue reading →

spreading the good news TiNy LiVes for vulnerable babies

Cheeky Chums are spreading the good news  about TiNy LiVes charity for premature babies.A while ago we set up  pound for prems  No item in the pound for prems section costs more than £2.00 so you may buy as many or as few items as you wish at a great price for babies in need. For every item bought £1.00 per …Continue reading →

Nanny nicu Autumn range in refreshing colours for prem babies

New ! a sneak peak at the latest arrivals in Nanny Nicu. Hot seller for premature babies a proven favourite brand of Cheeky Chums . Dainty Dottie a quaint blouse wrap over style for Nicu use or home,colmplete with delicate trousers, and a single tweenie hat with bow delicious colourways NICE AND REFRESHING. white with  smartie dots pink and turqouise.MORE STYLES IN OCTOBER …Continue reading →

parenting made easy from day 1

This weeks topic is parenting today we look at Parenting a newborn and getting it right from the start. I shall be fucusing on popular problems and how you can make life easier on yourselves,struggles with a newborn in the house for first time parents. first things first even someone with experience in rearing children can get it wrong, its what …Continue reading →

sneak a peak at Cheeky Chums superstore for premature babies

Nursery Nurse Sarah and mum of 2 takes a sneak peak At Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore for premature babies she meets the full team. She will now be joining the busy team from September 2010. She will be my new executive assistant.She spent the day with us to see what is was we actually did to make …Continue reading →

Nanny Nicu range of Neonatal baby clothes sells out in record time

quick note the latest consignment of Nanny Nicu range hand made sets are practically sold out.Recent orders have shot throught through the roof of this popular brand so much it has caused a delay for up to 10 days, only order if you are not in any rush.Nee Naw, A taste of Africa and Ladybird have a few stock left …Continue reading →

August 2010 premature baby clothing lines

Quick blog post today loads of new arrivals for premature babies due next week they may arrive sooner but need to be catagorized,logged in stock rooms then listed on website.Not to be missed we have had a proposal to merge with another premature baby manufacturer,but need to know legal implications before commencing so if you know anyone in business legal …Continue reading →

Neonatal baby clothes specialist expands

Finding a Neonatal Baby Clothes + Specialist Shop for sick newborn and premature babies. Did you know Cheeky Chums premature baby superstore is online to make shopping for premature baby clothes easier for hectic parents.Parents who need to spend quality time at the hospital with baby than driving around literally hunting for specialist clothes and equipment for their baby being …Continue reading →

What’s new for you premature baby!

Its all go at the Premature baby superstore. It’s going to be a hectic few weeks ahead at Cheeky Chums first the bad news   some Nanny Nicu products will be delayed due to a large order for a Nicu unit overseas. If anyone in the Wigan area of the UK can spare some hours and has an overlocker sewing machine we …Continue reading →


Today we draw a close to this weeks blog topic a mutiple pregnancy. A pregnancy with octuplets, very rare and the only 2 live births todate with all 8 babies were born alive.  In 1998  Nkem Chukwu and her husband, Iyke Louis Udobi, became parents to Octuplets beginning with Ebuka who was born on December 8, 1998. The seven remaining children were …Continue reading →

Multiple pregnancy quads! baby product planning

This weeks blog posts feature multiple pregancies. Today we look at planning the baby products you need for quad babies. So you are pregnant with quads and half way through your pregnancy you are confined to bedrest. You havent started shopping so what can you do? You want to be involved with picking things out for the babies but if …Continue reading →

Pregnant with triplets a dads point of view

This weeks blog posts looks at Multiple babies.Today we look at being pregnant with  triplets from a dads perspective. Well your wife is pregnant, you go for a scan together and you find out there are 3 heartbeats, yep its triplets.You can’t tell anyone how they will feel hearing the news triplets, yes triplet babies it  means 3 babies all born …Continue reading →

what’s new developments At Cheeky Chums 4 premature Babies

Cheeky Chums pregnancy week blog comes to and end today next week we take a look at a new topic multiple births,from twins, to breast feding issues with double the workload, support and groups mums can join when expecting 2 or more babies at the same time. Cheeky Chums have an online superstore for premature babies. It has been a …Continue reading →

Pregnancy ended now its a buba? for Dannii star

We have followed Dannii minogues pregnancy from start to finish and the news is out she gave birth onMmonday to a bouncing baby buba boy. As Yet Cheeky Chums are scouring the net for the latest news on the baby’s weight if you know of a news report with the weight please let us know where to find it. Our …Continue reading →

Pregnancy tips for the daddies

This weeks blog posts topic is on pregnancy. Today we look at the dads role to support the wife throughout the pregnancy and birth.Plus top 5 fun jobs for dads to be. Well dad you have done your bit your wife is pregnant she will go through the labour pains hard work and you have to put up with the …Continue reading →

der! dumb pregnancy questions answered

This weeks bog posts topic discusses Pregnancy. Here is a look at 5 questions that may seem dumb in asking but can have a worrying effect for a first time mum to be. 1.Pregnant with twins is there one or 2 umbilical cords. Answer; 2 cords but depending if the twins are identical there may be one pacenta. or two …Continue reading →

we’d feel sick at these pregnancy cravings

This weeks blog posts looks at pregnancy. Today looks at why pregnant mums to be crave certain foods and why smells trigger an addiction during pregnancy.Plus a look at 10 pregnancy cravings most common.Do you have an unusual craving or had one with your other pregnancies we would love to know! Pregnancy cravings affect 90% of mums-to-be. Some are normal …Continue reading →

quick update on Josie Dugger

Latest News update As reported on our twitter account yesterday evening baby Preemie Josie Dugger is back home at last with her family Michelle, jim and 18 other siblings. The tv series 19 kids and counting follows this Christian family’s ever increasing brood of kids.Watch them as they cope easily with lots of mouths to feed, bring up well mannered …Continue reading →

Pregnancy! body changes in first trimester

This weeks blog posts looks at pregnancy . Today I shall be discussing the changes that takes place during the first trimester.The pregnancy test at home states you are pregnant. You have been trying for a baby so what happens next in the first trimester. The first signs of being pregnant you will probably miss your period, or you may …Continue reading →

Pregnancy week at Cheeky Chums

As one lady gives birth another one anounces she is pregnant this weeks coming blog posts looks at pregnancy from unusual cravings, mums advice to problems only associated by being pregnant. we welcome your views so if this is your 1st baby or 15th add a comment to inspire and encourage other mums. Tomorrow we take a look at the …Continue reading →

baby loss support, premature baby loss help

This weeks blog posts about baby bereavement comes to an end today. I hope it hasn’t caused too many painful memories.If its too distressing to read please press your back button now.Today a list of support links,baby bereavement groups to help comfort in time of need and when you are ready should you need it. Baby bereavement Poems can be …Continue reading →

Preparation delivery of your stillborn baby

Cheeky Chums have been looking at the sensitive area of pregnancy “baby bereavement” in this weeks daily blog posts.Today we shall be looking at Preparation of giving birth to your stillborn baby. To help prepare yourself mentally, and emotionally and help create the best memories possible.If this blog post is too painful please press your back button now. You have …Continue reading →

early baby death 2 mums wise words

This week is a look at the sad area of life… Baby bereavement. If this is too painful to read please press your back button now.Cheeky Chums interviewed 2 mums who in the last few months lost a baby before they reached full term. Mandy gave this advice to parents having to cope with the loss of your own baby. …Continue reading →

Sensitive topic Tiny Baby Bereavement!

Sensitive topic Tiny Baby bereavement ! This week I will be discussing a very sensitve area of real life issues for mums to be. Baby bereavement. You may not want to read these blog posts so if its too painful press your back button now. Cheeky Chums have been involved in baby bereavement for the last 2 years our focus …Continue reading →

Dannii Minogue baby countdown

Not long to go now and pregnant celebrity star Dannii Minogue is due to give birth in July.How soon has this past, I thinks its gone past very quickly indeed.How soon will it be before she returns to work well she is due to return as an X Factor judge in September, is likely to have her own single out …Continue reading →

stillborn baby,baby bereavement when sorry seems not enough

product and page content copyright. The Loss of a baby born stillborn,or a tiny baby bereavement, when saying sorry in person seems not enough. How can you express your sympathy that will have such a touching gesture to the family,and that will be a comfort many years down the line. After searching the internet worldwide it was so difficult to …Continue reading →

What do you sell at the premature baby clothes superstore!

Here is a look at the premature baby clothes superstore. You never know if you baby will be born premature or not so in case you need a specific product where do you turn to in an emergency. At the Premature baby clothes superstore in the uk you will be surprised by what tiny baby clothes and products you can …Continue reading →

new product for preemie babies wows you

new product for preemie babies wows me and you too! Mini Munchkins® Micro Preemie STAY PUT CROCHET SCRATCH MIT SET 0-1LB Design + Pattern © protected. We are very pleased to stock a wonderful and exciting new product for premature babies. We located a unique shop for preemie-newborn babies offering speciality crochet knits.Born to Crochet run by karen Bestwick and …Continue reading →

The Premature Baby clothes superstore welcomes Jodie

Well what a hectic week, new product launches take a lot of organising staying in the office until late, sorting out new stock on hangers.So An extra pair of hands were needed. Then along came Jodie just at the right time. A Nursery Nurse College student offered to help tidy up My untidy mess, new machinery and Jodie had it …Continue reading →

new range of premature clothes flys of the shelves before launch date

Nanny Nicu’s new premium range of premature clothes flys of the shelves before the offical launch date. Of the 30 sets made there are now only 25 left and the launch date is only tomorrrow 6th June 2010.As expected Nanny Nicu vibrant neonatal baby clothes for tiny babies are a huge hit with mums wanting beautiful brightly coloured clothes to …Continue reading →

bespoke for gorgeous yet tiny premature babies

Todays blog will help focus on how Cheeky Chums end of year will look for Mums to be giving birth to premature babies. As soon as one product for premature babies is established Cheeky Chums are onto the next. In 2008 After the extensive research and product launch was put into place for neonatal baby clothes (Nanny Nicu). The bespoke …Continue reading →

New product launch be ready new line premature babies clothes

A New product by Nanny Nicu offers a new premium range of premature and neonatal baby clothes sets. Nanny Nicu introduced 1 and half years ago is The most popular range at Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes superstore.More hands were needed to keep up with the demand of such a highly sought after product. Well when you ring suppliers up …Continue reading →

Toys story 3 Cheeky Chums review top 5 kids films

Toy story 3 out in July 2010 is it one to avoid or one to rush out and watch with the whole family at the cinemas for enjoyment. From time to time Cheeky Chums review top toys, clothing items etc for children so here is our top 5 kids films recommended for you whoops I mean you and your children. …Continue reading →

mum manages a smile as baby in NICU is settled

Your baby is in the NICU and you are worried sick. You feel helpless as you watch the nurses take you aside whilst baby has vital treatment and medicines pumped into tiny arms or blood tests taken. You watch and stare holding back the tears as your tiny little one would love to get much needed rest, but has to …Continue reading →

pound for prems giving a piece of your love

“Tiny Lives” The Neonatal Service at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne looks after newborn babies from all over the north of England. look after approx 600 newborn babies every year, and up to 30 can be with them at any one time. Tiny Lives supports this work. Tiny lives help premature babies in special care in numerous ways …Continue reading →

Nanny Nicu. what’s next for June,preemie babies in NICU +SCBU

Nanny Nicu what’s next for June,preemie babies in NICU +SCBU! What a hectic year at Cheeky Chums and its only the end of may. We have learn’t lessons on how a chain in the baby clothes sector can cause delays all round just like a chain in the housing market. After an eager await on the new lines for April …Continue reading →

mum threat to boil 5 day old newborn baby

Mum threat to boil 5 day old newborn baby.What a shocking statement! very worrying and maybe you are wondering why anyone would kill their own child unless they have postnatal depression. Imagine going into hospital to have your new baby and finding out whlist you have been away your husband has been having an affair with the next door neighbour.An …Continue reading →

Dugger baby 19 preemie Josie latest News

The Dugger family from America have had a tough time when their 19th baby, Josie Dugger was born Premature. The Preemie baby weighed in at just over a pound in weight.She is now 5lb 14 oz and progressing slowly and steadily as she gains weight.She went home but had to go back as she had problems digesting breast milk. Although …Continue reading →

New for premature babies yippee something nice

Well there is a delay with the other hand made orders that where due to arrive in April But not too worry a new shipment of delicious fabric is being sent over as we speak for the lines due in May. If you have a premature baby and want to dress him or her in something different instead of the …Continue reading →

what does my name mean baby naming

what does my name mean ? decisions decisions decisions? when you are pregnant you may want to pick your baby’s name before the birth. You or your partner may have contradicting name choices but here are our top tips for choosing your baby name when you finally decide the time is right. 1. Remember what may sound nice to you …Continue reading →

totty maud girls at 5 shouldnt be allowed

I’m so sorry for some readers who may not like to hear this controversial blog news but I only found out this morning and I feel uterly sick.Primark have removed its sale of padded bikinis for little girls. Who decided to sell them in the first place? children do grow up fast in todays world and with some many perverts …Continue reading →

Mummys little ray of sunshine for premature babies

New arrivals for little baby boys in premature baby sizes have just this hour arrived. Beautiful clothing sets in size 1-3lb and 3-5lb for the most tinest of babies.Nanny Nicu offer vibrant premature baby clothes. Designed by neonatal specialist and created especially for each of the special case baby units throughout the world. Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU).High Dependency Care.(HD)Special Care(SC).Home …Continue reading →

new baby worry for preemie baby Josie Dugger

 a new worry involving baby josie dugger emerged today. 19 kids and counting parents Michelle and Jim Bob Dugger had to deal with. A new problem affecting baby Josie. Preemie baby joise Dugger at home had to be taken back to hospital.The problem with the baby arose due to additives in the breast milk she was receiving leading to constipation. …Continue reading →

umm what to dress a delicate premature baby in

At Cheeky Chums you will find such an abundance of nice clothes to dress your baby in but are they suitable for the job in hand you may ask yourself.Especially as it comes to dressing the tinest of premature babies in the special care baby units and ready for home. The answer is yes why because you wouldn’t put yourself …Continue reading →

yeah ! dugger baby 19 preemie baby josie allowed home

The news it out at last, long awaited there is hope mums and dads preemie baby Josie Dugger born in december weighing 1lb 6oz has been released from hospital. Baby Josie Dugger now weighing 4lb 9 oz is to spend some time in Little Rock before going back to the family home in Springdale.She had a rough first few months …Continue reading →

Nee Naw baby birth its a fair cop

a There is so much bad these last few weeks about babies and kiddies. Deaths, murders, suicides taking the lives of little ones we need good news so here is some. Have you ever wondered when you hear the police sirens oh where is that going ?what emergency is happening? or who is being robbed ? well for a change …Continue reading →

elective c section advice, caesarean section emergency ops

This bog post today looks at elective sections. A c section operation in pregnant mums and why the need for one may be the only way possible to give birth in some cases. read the full article here from the Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes superstore.

cheap supermarket,best supermarket verdict

Well as Some of you may know Cheeky Chums love to give baby product,baby toys, baby clothing reviews from time to time. During this last year having a business means I personally dont get chance for much shopping so I shopped around various top supermarkets and shops for a whole year to see which offered the best value, cheapest products,good …Continue reading →

should a dad stop having more babies at 70

Today a dad reached his 75th birthday 2 weeks after his premature baby son was born. Weighing in at 5lb 7 oz baby spent time in special care baby unit until well enough to go home. Gerry Burks is britains oldest dad at the age of 74. He eats well and loves his wife aged 41, he believes a good …Continue reading →

dad to be,newbaby due, Best dad feature

Well your wife is due to give birth have just booked 2 weeks off work and nothing happens what a waste of time off work. Its when She comes home from hospital that you will be most needed. What prepartion can you do to give her as much support as possible and where she thinks that you are the …Continue reading →

what do premature baby clothing sizes go off

what do premature baby clothing sizes go off?Cheeky Chums looked on the net to find the best premature baby clothes.looking at every uk wholesaler, manufactuer and then overseas. The results shocked every one at Cheeky Chums. Cheeky Chums research and development team wanted to find premature baby clothes for a baby weighing 2lb 3oz. The ones found in the UK …Continue reading →

baby safety sling new danger alert !

picture used for example purposes only be wise before you buy a new baby sling .More than a million baby slings were taken off the market because of the suffocation deaths of three children,The Consumer Product Safety Commission warned consumers to stop using SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo slings made by Infantino. The company is offering free replacement products. The suffocation …Continue reading →

kids R little adult helpers.

What will you let your child do? Do you think a child of 14 is too young to make toast? Do you think a child of 10 is too young to cross the road alone? After spotting in todays news how 2 children as young as 9 and 11 helped to deliver a baby, whilst talking to the 911 lady …Continue reading →

Better for mums with premature babies

what is better for mums with premature babies you may ask your self? Choice? The Neonatal baby clothes specialist shop (The superstore for premature babies has another wow factor now).Its online and just got even bigger in March 2010. More Neonatal baby clothes and premature baby departments so you can stay a while and see what we stock. Better organised …Continue reading →

premature baby clothes superstore gets bigger

Some of you may have noticed a few changes taking place at Cheeky Chums. As more products are added the departments will be getting bigger too. Makes shopping more easier to find what you need especially with the overflowing stock rooms full of delicious,and very comfy premature baby clothes. You will now find a smarter, cleaner system in place.It means …Continue reading →

a blob of jelly baby eh! fetus in womb LOOK

( pic reflects reborn doll,a look at a 23 week gestation baby the artist modelled from a photo). This weeks news story featuring the worlds smallest weight premature baby boy, at 225grams sparked today’s CONTROVERSIAL blog.Twice this week I have been told that the baby growing in the womb at 16 weeks is just a blob of jelly. So I …Continue reading →

Whats new for premature babies by Nanny Nicu

Well after much concideration Cheeky Chums have decided to keep Nanny Nicu range of premature baby clothes personal.If you give birth to a premature or tiny baby you will need to buy smaller newborn baby clothes.Nanny Nicu range provide gorgeous neonatal baby clothes. Cheeky Chums was going to pass the manufacturing workload onto the far overseas factories to keep up …Continue reading →

hands on lamber delivers own premature baby

Have you ever delivered a friend’s baby in an emergency? Although in reality only doctors and midwives are the only ones allowed to by law, sometimes babies come with practically no warning at all, leaving you with no choice. We would love to know your unusual midwive stories. If you ended up with the milkman delivering your baby on the …Continue reading →

twin babies, pregnant with twins double trouble

A look at the birth of twin babies. As a Teenager Ill never forget the look I gave friend as My mum casually talked about having babies. “Oh I thought you did it twice to get twins,I always wanted twin babies but then I got you.” It sparked todays blog topic a look at a twin pregnancy and giving birth …Continue reading →

baby shop complaint that does everyone good

Baby Shop customers complain even at Cheeky Chums. Well even Cheeky Chums makes mistakes. Cheeky Chums have got it wrong.The premature baby clothes superstore admits publicly because its good to be honest .Why Because Cheeky Chums care about visitors and customers.Cheeky Chums listen, understand and are prepared to do something about problems as they arise to make sure you everyone …Continue reading →

singer star baby joy celebrity, who tell Me !

The pregnancy news hits the headlines again and this time top singer celebrity star is Sinitta.(So Matcho single)The “So Macho’ singer is expecting a baby with businessman Stefano Zagni, who she has been courting with since last November. She has allegedly already told Simon Cowell about the news but also said: “It’s early days yet.” Sinitta currently has two adopted …Continue reading →

a look back at shocking mum + baby deaths

This weeks blog a look at giving birth through the ages comes to an end today with one final look at the year 1800. Our look back in history has revealed some very important facts and the despairing times mums had to go through of losing a newborn at birth.Here is the last year we looked at 1800’s and this …Continue reading →

pregnancy,giving birth baby long ago ad98

this weeks blog features a look back in history at childbirth. todays year is way way back in history the earliest recordings ad98 read what facts we found amazing about pregnancy , getting pregnant, giving birth in ad 98. HERE more tomorrow or read artcles at our main website for premature babies at

Giving birth, deadly childbirth in history

This week we shall feature a look back in time at childbirth, each day we shall feature a specific time frame in which we look at birth of a baby, child birth, child rearing and how advancement in science has helped saved lives over the years.Todays year is 1750 with lots of interesting and mindboggling information we may take for …Continue reading →

newborn baby, 3 month baby, 6 month baby UNSAFE!

Please note this blog contains some sensitive news which you may find shocked to talk or to read about , by shocking you it may give you an oportunity to discuss with somone who has poor parenting skills. You can feel really thrilled to know by passing on this information could help them prevent an accident to their baby. Newborn …Continue reading →

Pregnant what happens when baby doesn’t make it

No real babies are ever used in the photo shoots at Cheeky Chums. what happens when a baby doesn’t make it. I was speaking to a friend’s husband the other day and heard some news that adults don’t want to hear, dont like to hear, and is often controversial. He used to be an undertaker I was shocked with what …Continue reading →

kiddies take a sneak peak preemie baby josie dugger

We have been following the progress of Michelle Dugger and 18 kids and counting tv series.Then out popped baby Josie, number 19, born premature at 1lb 6 oz. If you love to read news about the Dugger family take a look at this recent picture we found of her and on how the Dugger children get to see their baby …Continue reading →

Pregnant me having a baby you must be joking !

Pregnant me having a baby you must be joking ! Imagine being told you are pregnant after 10 years of trying for a baby. My friend I work with just found out she is pregnant but she is already 6 monthsShe said her periods were always irregular but wouldn’t you know by 6 months that you have a baby inside …Continue reading →

9 year old child gives birth to a baby

You have heard the contoversy over the worlds oldest mum and what problems it brings but what about youngest mum in the world at only 9 years old. When is a child not a child, when does a child become a woman.The child mum comes from the nearby town of Songyuan. Her family refused to discuss the pregnancy, but confirmed …Continue reading →

Midwife crisis here’s how to solve the problem

In todays news “DAD DELIVERS OWN BABY” sparked an inquiry by the hospital. A father has delivered his own newborn baby after the midwife left the room and did not return until the baby had been successfully delivered by dad. Thomas Howard was concerned that his partner, 26-year-old Emily Baron, was losing blood, and asked the midwife if that was …Continue reading →

baby josie dugger in nicu now 2.3lb oz first pics HERE

We are been following the progress and waiting patiently for the first pictures of premature baby Josie in the nicu.Wow is now 7 weeks old and gaining weight she has doubled her birth weight in only a shot time.She is off a ventilator now so mum michelle has had a chance to give her first cuddles known as kangaroo care, …Continue reading →

Danni Minogue baby gets first new baby gifts

News update on Dannii Minogue’s pregnancy (followed by Cheeky Chums The premature baby clothes superstore). Dannii is craving sweets, which she has never done before,Danni who has been saying how surprised, relieved, and excited, she is to be pregnant, and so excited by her first baby gift for her wonderful little baby bump. Danni Minogue an X Factor judge on …Continue reading →

Premature baby development and catching up

A recent premature baby article about how premature babies can have delayed development prompted us to include it on our own blog for mums to read. Cant remember where we put it as I wrote it ages ago but here it is for all of you to read

premature baby clothes as easy as that

we found this so the good news is spreading like mad when you need neonatal and special care baby units clothes ever so fast. READ THIS so for all your premature baby clothes needs no matter what sizes visit the premature baby clothes superstore direct at

what an unusual spot to give birth to baby

After the snow chaos in the uk the last few weeks and mums giving birth in the backs of a cars and a taxis we look a what other unusual spots some mums where in giving birth to their baby. In todays news here in the uk Staff at an Asda supermarket had to turn their hand to midwifery when …Continue reading →

micro preemie baby in nicu,and new nicu clothing range

After the successful launch of Nanny Nicu clothing range for premature babies in November 2008 the range increased to offer more vibrant colours in 2009.In february 2010 a new range will be added to the Nanny nicu series to cater for more teeny tiny premature babies.New styles have been researched ,designed to offer more flexiblity for parents ordering preemie baby …Continue reading →

shall I get pregnant ? Im 19,Pregnant to keep my man

We advice one troubled teen on the thoughts of getting pregnant in order to keep her boyfriend. “My name is melissa I am 19 my parents are always fighting and my boyfriend has started to text my best friend when he is at work, I’m thinking of getting pregnant I know I would be going behind is back if i …Continue reading →

neonatal clothes range gets bigger for preemies

Nanny Nicu range of neonatal baby clothes come in such a vast array of vibrant colours, that mums just love to pieces dressing baby in the exciting and vast amount of favourite colours they come in.After scouring the world for pleasing premature baby clothes More new lines will be added to the Nanny Nicu range this February onwards. Here is …Continue reading →

Who cares for babies in the nicu,nicu staff,

Poorly newborn sick premature baby or very tiny baby? New parents eagerly look forward to bringing their baby home, so it can be frightening if your newborn needs to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). At first it may seem like a foreign place, but understanding the NICU and what goes on there can help reduce your …Continue reading →

Baby in nicu feeling better on a ventilator

Part 2 of this weeks neonatal intensive care week looks at the role of a mechanical ventilator.Most often used to help your baby’s breathing when being cared for in the Nicu. Respirator or mechanical ventilator This machine helps babies who can not breathe on their own or who need help taking bigger breaths. High frequency ventilators give hundreds of tiny …Continue reading →

baby in the nicu, cpap procedure,prem babycare

This week Cheeky Chums blog shall be focusing on the neonatal intensive care unit. Each day we shall feature one specialist treatment that a nicu provides in the care of a premature tiny or poorly newborn baby. We shall focus on procedures or equipment used to help vunerable babies in the NICU. It will be a valuable resource page to …Continue reading →

Dugger baby 19,preemie baby Josie news update

Here is the Latest Dugger news concerning baby number 19, Preemie baby Josie.Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19th child, Josie, is still hospitalized in Little Rock, TV family who star in 18 kids and counting now 19 kids and counting is moving from their hometown of Tontitown to the city 200 miles away to be closer to their preemie baby …Continue reading →

smallest premature baby boy in world

Mums who have just given birth to a premature baby boy need hope that no matter how small it weighs it can pull through. Some may have long term difficulties and struggles when it comes to picking up infections easily, but the there is often strength and determination with such little fighters of these smallest micro sized premature babies.The smallest …Continue reading →

My baby in the nicu BY MUMMY

yes we are professional baby specialists but sometimes news about a preemie or premature baby in the nicu comes best from parents in the same position as you. read this insipiring news about one parents description of a day in the nicu . Find out what it really means having a baby being care for in the neonatal intensive care …Continue reading →

Baby delivery in snow CAUTION Christmas week

Baby delivery in snow CAUTION Christmas week. Are you heavily pregnant? Are you due any time now and throughout the Christmas week?.The first fall of snow as appeared in our local area, but extreme snow falls are expected this friday onwards.The Met Office has issued an early warning and said travel networks may be affected by snow on Friday The …Continue reading →

designer baby clothes by katie price to hit the baby clothes market

Top celebrity baby news is Designer baby clothes by katie price to hit the baby clothes market. Named KP Baby will feature cute pink little hoddies for baby girls, and combats and top Selfridges store is rumered to be stocking these unique brands by Katie Price.other top celebrities with babies have also launched baby clothes in the past including Myleene …Continue reading →

Any room at the nicu this Christmas for your baby

If you are pregnant and are living near west suffolk hospital in bury st edmunds,they are thinking of downgrading the SCBU (special care baby unit) at west suffolk hospital in bury st edmunds, (suffolk, england, uk) so only babies needing to gain weight can go there and others may have to go to either cambridge, ipswich or norwich. All the …Continue reading →

Dugger baby 19 in NICU born premature

Aww another girl for Michelle Dugger if you watch the family on tv 18 kids and counting. Mrs Michelle Dugger gave birth to another baby girl on Thursday her premature baby girl named Josie brooklyn makes it baby number 19 . Can You imagine a larger family coping with 19 children, well in the tv series 18 kids and counting …Continue reading →

Nannu Nicu 1st birthday, neonatal for neonates

Well November finally coming to an end where has this year gone. Guess what we celebrate Nanny Nicu (neonatal baby clothes range) 1st birthday a year after it was launched.To celebrate we have started to introduce harmonzing colours to the ever increasing Nanny Nicu series.What do the new colourways mean for your baby. Well for neonates otherwise known as premature …Continue reading →

Alternative family Christmas one you will never forget

Christmas is supposed to be the season of good will if you want to do something different this Christmas, that will make you feel overjoyed not overful of food,kind hearted, doing something good for a change to sitting at home drinking your self silly. Here is a family Christmas you can be proud of without gorging on food and wasting …Continue reading →

Baby asleep are you both at risk ?

Your baby is asleep at last you are exausted and so glad it seemed to take for ever to get your little one off to sleep.The thing is where and who is your baby sleeping with. On his or her own. In a moses basket or cot or in bed with you,your partner or a relative. Did you know that …Continue reading →

I’m 16, Pregnant, Keeping it, What next ?

(model used for photo illustration purposes).Cheeky Chums gives help to one Pregnant 16 year old girl, she ponders the question “what advice can you give me now Ive decided to keep my baby? this is what we said READ THIS SHORT ARTICLE When the times comes if you need premature baby clothes visit our main websites anytime at the cheekychums …Continue reading →

baby carrier for twin babies baby product review

baby carrier for twin babies baby product review by Cheeky chums. Even though this company has a baby carrier for normal sized babies we feel its the preemie and twin baby carriers in particular that need particular product reviews. Weego twin baby carrier .. The first baby carrier for twins. Weego twin idea,function 10/10 benficial to parent carrying twins 9/10 …Continue reading →

baby carrier for a preemie baby our honest opinion

baby carrier for a preemie baby we give parents our honest reviews.Even though this company has a baby carrier for normal sized babies we feel its the preemie and twin carriers in particular that need our reviews. WEEGO PreemieWeego preemie a first baby carrier that offers correct support for premature babies.idea function 9/10 Cheeky Chums would have given a 10 …Continue reading →

Neonatal,premature baby, nicu eh?

Neonatal,premature baby, nicu eh? here in the uk we often get asked 2 questions. What is the neonatal care ? and what is the nicu ?. often babies arrive unexpected under 37 weeks gestation is classed as premature. A very tiny premature baby may need assistance in breathing and other assisted urgent procedures to keep baby in a stable condition.Depending …Continue reading →

whats new Nanny Nicu October 2009 premature baby clothes range

designed Just for premature and tiny babies in special care baby units. More outfits in the Nanny Nicu range just added these are gorgeous, dungarees,t shirt and hat sets with laundry bags for special care units and going home .These clothes fit they are made Just for Cheeky Chums customers .We sat down had meetings with neonatal staff, parents, and …Continue reading →

Autumn is here and so are the latest beautifully crafted premature baby clothes

The latest beautifully crafted premature baby clothes for Autumn are here. Last season we had some cute baby gros in velours they where a real hot seller so at Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes store they have just had the latest adorable designs delivered for Autumn premature babies. Use in hospital or for home, really stunning thick velours, gorgous motifs …Continue reading →

What’s new for YOU premature tiny baby?

Creation of a new style coat not for babies but tiny premature babies. So what you may ask your self does it matter ?. Well at Cheeky Chums after the succesful creation of Nanny Nicu you wont just find smaller versions of baby clothes but from now onwards product brands associated with Cheeky Chums will be designed and created taking …Continue reading →

babies in nicu / special care keeping u on ur toes

well after todays news headlines sometimes it takes a tragedy to unfold an area needing improvement.So lets all pull our socks up and keep on our toes before the need arises.Before you know it we could have a big eperdemic of infections going on in a local nicu/special care baby unit. It was the ambulance scare of unhygenic conditions which …Continue reading →

Cheeky Chums store for premature babies promotes NCT in uk

August 2009 Cheeky Chums will be donating prizes to our local nct (national childbirth trust)Bolton and the north west devision.(this charity helps support parents in whatever choices they make regarding childbirth feeding and parenting). we want to be even more involved so will be looking at ways Cheeky Chums can also help with their 30th Aniversary coming up in November …Continue reading →

buying dolls clothes for a premature baby

Do you need ever so tiny baby clothes so much so that you are thinking of buying dolls clothes just to get the right fit? Would you? Should you? Could you? Knowing these FACTS BELOW. Whether it’s for your own child or a relative’s, finding the sizes small enough is always a problem for babies born of low birth weight …Continue reading →

Being prepared the loss of a premature tiny preemie baby

On the sad occassion a baby will be lost either in early or late pregnancy.A baby not yet able to cope in the big wide world due to little organ falure or not being strong enough, or even getting an infection at such a small size and therefore not making it.Babies so small from 20 weeks -35 weeks often dont …Continue reading →

Parents of Premature babies why choice is good for YOU !

Quote from a parent of a premature baby cared for in the special care baby unit. No one can prepare if you are faced with your baby being whisked away straight after birth and put into an incubator.All the desicions you make as a new mum are taken from you. The first feeds, first cuddles,changing a nappy,everything stiped bare except …Continue reading →

Warning~ don’t buy premature baby socks until you have read this

HERE PLUS our quick access website for premature babies can be found here at all action packed website can also be found here at

we discuss home births should you? could you? would you?

1.first time mums is it wise to have a home birth? we recommend a first baby to be delivered at the can be monitored better and the worry about going into labour can put your mind at ease knowing all the necessary equipment for an emergency c section is in place should the need arrise. 2. If everything with …Continue reading →

Premature baby clothes shop sets trends for tiny babies

Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes store adds extra goodies to their ever increasing range which will get mums of tiny babies really excited. The one stop shop as added a new range for trendy mums who want their premature and tiny babies wearing clothes that are just as trendy as they are.Its is so difficult to buy the tiny sizes …Continue reading →

Snuggies premature baby clothes a little girls dream

Dream baby Dream! Amanda Jane awakes from her nicu cot wondering if it was in deed all a dream…. she entered the big wide world weighing only 4lb and mummy wanted to dress her.As she picked up each item of clothing from her suitcase she realized All her newborn clothes would bury her. she needed smaller sizes fast. She looked …Continue reading →

top 5 waste of money gifts for a newborn baby

1.Buying the most biggest teddy bear in the shop because you are so excited.Is there enough room in the baby’s nursery/bedroom. You see many in second hand shops new even or charity shops because they are not practical. you even see them thrown on the tip. Opt for a small, soft, safe one which baby can snuggle up to at …Continue reading →

where to find cheap preemie baby clothes Just because preemie babies are small doesnt mean they should be dressed in anything else but the best.Finding a stockist with such a wide range does get rather difficult. Well this place is just the treat for premature and tiny babies. WHY?  because not only can you find preemie baby clothes  in those hard to locate tiny preemie baby sizes.  you …Continue reading →

Does MRSA kill premature babies?

first let me tell you what MRSA is MRSA can be difficult to treat and can need along stay in hospital to recover. In some cases, it can lead to serious health problems such as blood poisoning and infection in the lungs, bones or heart valve. A small number of people die from the effects of MRSA. Unfortunately, rates of …Continue reading →

buying baby clothes review what you get for your money

Although we have our own baby clothes shop I thought it would be a good idea to put some baby clothes brands to the test and tell you what we think and give you an opnion on which is the best buy baby clothes for you to purchase for your baby. we test Next, Cherokee from Tesco,Zip Zap designer brand …Continue reading →

Are you booked in for an early induction of your baby

Being prepared yes the case may be packed but are you prepared emotionally. We give you the links so you can read as much information free before your baby arrives especially if it will be cared for in the neonatal care unit or your baby is born premature. tell me about Premature babies topic covers…what is a NICU ?what is …Continue reading →

even premature babies need protecting from the sun

well your premature or tiny baby is finally allowed home from hospital ! Are you prepared? Do you have the correct resources in place to take baby out and about in. A normal car seat will be to big to take your little one out in, buy a “tiny traveller” off ebay to save you money as baby will need …Continue reading →

teaching baby sign language go on try it

To be honest I went to a night school sign language course “the open college of sign language”O.C.S.L many years ago it comes in handy when speaking direct face to face with people with hearing difficulties especially customers. we mentioned the use of baby sign language briefly in our last blog about teaching baby to talk and you can find …Continue reading →

what to expect facing baby cared for in the nicu

N.IC.U if you are unaware, stands for neonatal intensive care unit. its when a preterm early delivery of your baby may need your baby being transfered from the delivery suite into a special ward called the scbu or neonatal intensive care your baby if born very early can have a more intensive care,specialist treatment,monitoring until well enough to go …Continue reading →

teaching your child the art of talking

A rough guide to the art of talking for children. Believe it or not a child starts to talk from birth.The first cry,first sounds,first ooos, coos and awws.How your child progresses depends on the environment, upbringing and involvement from other adults, peers, surroundings and other people with direct input and stimulation through various play activities. Leave a child in a …Continue reading →

Premature Baby Clothes ,Tiny Baby clothes,

finding it hard to locate premature baby clothes or tiny baby clothes and so many baby shops closing down in the UK alone we thought we would tell you why our shop is so special for premature babies. 1. Cheeky Chums stock So much choice.Makes it easier for parents and grandparents to find something to fit a tiny baby. 2.Cheeky …Continue reading →

Problems for a premature baby(preemie)

Hi everyone I thought I would share with you some problems your premature(preemie) baby could face whilst being cared for by the NICU / SCBU staff.If your baby is unfortunate to be born extremely early or poorly,you will be faced with watching or being nearby whilst the specialist work on your tiny baby to improve possible problems associated with prematurity. …Continue reading →

Discussing a multiple pregnancy via ivf

I thought after the recent news events about the mother who gave birth to 8 live babies by IVF.I would discuss some factors you may wish to concider before attempting a cycle of IVF. see the link below for a picture of the mum “suleman” pregnant with 8 babies before she actually gave birth premature to all 8 babies. You …Continue reading →

Premature delivery for multiple births.

Premature delivery for multiple births. Here is some Important information we felt you should know if you are expecting twins, triplets or more babies and the likelihood of having a premature delivery and a few problems that can arise from carrying multiples. What is the likelihood of having a multiple pregnancy? • Heredity: A history of multiple births on a …Continue reading →

we review baby and toddler toys for 2008

if you managed to read our last review on toys for the under 5’s you will realize we make an unbiased opinion with toys choosen at random throughout stores in the uk and let you know what we think of the qulaity,design,developmental purposes for your child and safety of products.we rate each toy from 1-10 10 being the highest points …Continue reading →

Nanny Nicu clothes, specifically created for the needs of special care babies

Well at long last our new range of premature baby clothes have arrived. • Nanny Nicu clothes are not smaller version baby clothes. • Measurements where taken from various studies in premature baby body sizes to make baby clothes in more realistic sizings to fit a baby’s tiny body. • Babies being cared for in the Special care units have …Continue reading →

What toys will you buy your children under 5 this Christmas

If you spend a little or spend a lot this Christmas on the under 5 year are our honest and unbiased opinions based on a selection of 5 toys for the under 5’s choosen at random from stores around the uk.we rate each toy from 1-10 10 being the highest points awarded. 1.the quality of product and safety 2.learning …Continue reading →

A Baby Burial just got easier for premature babies

Finding clothes oh so tiny for a premature baby’s funeral is so hard in the uk.Parents have to buy dolls clothes or use a hospital blanket of rely on hospital handouts if there are any available or small enough. At Cheeky Chums you can find delicate burial clothes in the most premature of baby sizes.You dont have to rely on …Continue reading →

Cheeky Chums becomes more Eco friendly

  we would like to inform you of important site updates for all customer past and present and potential. All the staff at Cheeky Chums are concerned the way our planet and climate is changing. For Cheeky Chums own brand products ” Something precious” “Snuggies”,Nanny Nicu are made from materials sourced from the UK and manufactured in the Uk, made …Continue reading →

New Range of Premature Baby clothes

yippee and we have them here Effronte Amour.A french collection of limited additions.Especially for babies weighing 3-12lbs only.Luxury fabrics for the cosiest of textures worn next to to only 5 available in the world unque in each style, stylish,yet practical for delicate little ones.When you are looking for a gift for a premature baby, Mummy won’t say I’ve got …Continue reading →

Premature baby death being prepared

Tiny little babies are often too small/ weak or extremely poorly and just don’t make it.You can be prepared in case baby sadly does pass away and not worried about what baby wears for a final sleep.If baby is very premature you will struggle to find anything suitable both on the high street and in the uk online for a baby’s burial or …Continue reading →

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